I.          SERVICE DESCRIPTION:  A high capacity, point-to-point, private line service that transmits simultaneous full-duplex digital signals at 1.544 Mbps between a Company designated Point-of-Presence in one exchange area and a Company designated Point-of-Presence in another exchange area.  Access to this service is via Dedicated Access only.


II.          DEFINITIONS: The General Definitions apply.


III.         FEATURES AND OPTIONS:  The following are available:


1.         Web Digital Reconfiguration Services (Web DRS)


                                                                                                    FNR DS1


                                    Non-recurring charge                                    $258

Monthly recurring port charge                         350


            2.         Switched DS1:  A $500 monthly minimum charge applies.


                                 Mileage Band                                          Per Minute Charge


                                  0   -     300                                                     $0.99

                              301   -     900                                                       1.24

                              901   +                                                                 1.79


3.         DS-1 Echo Control


Non-recurring charge                                  $1000

Monthly recurring charge                                200


4.         Proactive Notification


5.         Service Level Agreement:


                                   Performance                                             Standard


Service Availability

      Type 1 On-net                                     100.00%

      Type 2 or 3 Off-net                                99.8  %

Mean Time to Repair (MTTR)

      Type 1 On-net End-to-end                      2     hours

      Type 2 or 3 Off-net End-to-end               4     hours

Service Installation                                      45     days




1.         Monthly Recurring Charges:  The following monthly recurring Inter Exchange Channel (IXC) charges apply.


1.1       For Verizon Business Service II Customers, a $600 per-circuit monthly recurring fixed charge and an $0.85 monthly recurring per-mile charge apply.


1.2       For Verizon Business Service I Customers, a $600 per-circuit monthly recurring fixed charge and an $0.85 monthly recurring per-mile charge apply.


1.3       For Pre-Verizon Business Service I Customers, the following monthly recurring per-circuit charges apply, based on Mileage Band:


Mileage Band

Fixed Charge      +

Per-Mile Charge





$     457

$  0.00







2.         Discounts:  Network Pricing Plan discounts are available to Pre-Verizon Business Service I Customers only and apply to IXC charges.


3.         Non-recurring Charges:


3.1       Customer Support Services charges apply.


3.2       Administrative Non-Recurring Charges


3.3       Installation:  A $200 per-circuit installation charge applies.


3.4       FUSF and CCRC apply.


V.         TERMS AND CONDITIONS:  In addition to the General Terms and Conditions, the following applies:


1.         Special Access Surcharges for private line services will not be applied after receipt of an Exemption Certificate from the Customer.  A credit, not to exceed three months, will be given for a private line surcharge imposed during the period prior to the receipt of the Exemption Certificate.