Channelized:  Subdividing the bandwidth of a circuit into smaller increments.


Concatenated:  Joining several fibers together end-to-end resulting in full bandwidth.  Concatenated circuits are noted by a "c", e.g., OC3c.


Dedicated:  A facility or equipment system or subsystem set aside for the sole use of a specific Customer.


Endlink:  An Endlink is a remote or secondary Customer Premises location.


Full Bandwidth:  A circuit that has not been Channelized.


Host:  A Host is a primary or aggregation center.


Multi-Point Service:  Multi-Point Service is unswitched full-time transmission service utilizing the Company's facilities to connect a customer location to two or more Customer designated locations or Company Points of Presence.


Multiplex:  Multiplexing mans to transmit two or more signals over a single channel.  A Multiplexer is electronic equipment which allows two or more signals to pass over one communications circuit


Network:  The Company's digital fiber optics-based network.


Protocol Specific:  A circuit that is specific to a main frame vendor’s communication protocol.


Point to Point Service:  Point to Point Service is an unswitched full time transmission service utilizing the Company's facilities to connect two or more Customer


designated locations.


Retermination:  The Customer-requested move of a single end of a circuit to another location the same metropolitan


area. Monthly recurring charges based on actual location will apply to reterminated circuits.


Transparent Channel:  A Metro Private Line Optical Wave Service of 2.5 Gbps or 10 Gbps where the full bandwidth of the circuit is available to the Customer.