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Each webinar features a presentation by our experts, followed by a Q & A session.

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  • Take a bold approach to workforce engagement.

    Join our fireside chat on Thursday, October 28 at noon EST, where hosts from Verizon and Frost & Sullivan will examine recent advances in workforce engagement solutions, consider what it takes to successfully lead a hybrid work environment and provide specific ways to improve customer experiences in the new work reality.

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  • Reimagining Communications in a Hybrid Workplace

    Don’t miss research-based insights into how migrating to a modern IP voice calling solution could help your organization support new ways of working. We’ll share key takeaways from a new Verizon marketing research study as well as learn about Verizon’s own migration to IP voice to support employees, customers, and help improve ROI.

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  • Cybersecurity
    webinar series


    Register for our cybersecurity webinars to help keep your
    business secure, stay informed about cyberthreats and protect your
    customes'  information safe.

Candid Conversations with CISOs

  • Episode 1: How 5G, MEC and cloud infrastructures will evolve cybersecurity strategies

    Oct. 14, 2021

    Discover innovative use cases that are changing how security teams evaluate and monitor risks related to emerging technologies, such as cloud computing and IoT.

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  • Episode 2: What does the “societal dimension” of cybersecurity mean for business?

    Oct. 21, 2021

    Hear from security leaders about how they managed expectations and demonstrated ROI to stakeholders regarding security and compliance, and how they turned security programs into brand assets.

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  • Episode 3: The Human Element

    Oct. 28,  Noon  ET

    Listen as our experts share  lessons learned from balancing security with employees’ user experiences in a workplace that’s changed drastically over the past 18 months.

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Enterprise Webinar Replays

  • Horst Schultze

    Are You Delivering a Culture of Service?

    Horst Schulze, Founding President and COO of Ritz-Carlton
    October 13, 2021

    In these challenging times for travel and hospitality, how can businesses create a culture of service to keep guests satisfied? And how should they prepare for an increasingly digital future?

  • Streamline Virtual Care

    Overcoming Barriers to Streamline Virtual Care

    August 3, 2021

    Join us to explore how the landscape of healthcare is changing, with hybrid clinical practice evolving in a post-pandemic world. Virtual care offerings are becoming part of daily provider workflow, and both patients and providers will need intuitive, easy-to-use solutions for connected conversations.

  • Brett King headshot

    The Era of Mobile Banking

    Brett King, Guest speaker, Startup Founder, Bestselling Author, Radio Host, TV Commentator
    June 9, 2021

    Join best-selling author and futurist Brett King and host Ron Insana, Senior Analyst at CNBC, for the next webinar in our Workforce of the Future series,

  • Dan Costello

    Engaging, next-level experiences for the win

    Dan Costello, Chief Revenue Officer/Senior Vice President, Business Innovation, Phoenix Suns
    May 19, 2021

    Creating great experiences drives the success of leading organizations, and nowhere is that more true than in the world of sports. Discover how the Phoenix Suns embraced cutting-edge technologies to reimagine their fan, player and partner experiences.

  • Dr. Zubin Damania headshot

    Telehealth in the Hybrid Era

    ZDoggMD (Dr. Zubin Damania), Physician, Internet Host and Comedian
    April 28, 2021

    Hear Dr. Zubin Damania, better known as ZDoggMD, and our host Ron Insana talk about what the future holds for healthcare - and telehealth in particular. It's bound to be a lively discussion, as ZDoggMD is renowned for his quick wit, passion and in-depth knowledge about the current state of healthcare and where it's going.

  • Daniel Pink headhsot

    Workforce of the Future: Transform your business to face new challenges

    Daniel Pink, Best selling author
    March 31, 2021

    Author Daniel Pink and our host Ron Insana talk about what the future holds for the workforce and how organizations can readily prepare. Daniel’s background as a business and work behavior expert will provide insights into the evolving nature of the workforce and how to adjust.

  • IC report cover

    A matter of trust: Building consumer confidence webinar

    February 24, 2021

    The global pandemic has accelerated the flight to digital, and consumers are sharing more of their personal data with brands than ever before. Explore how consumers feel about sharing their data to get personalized experiences in return.

  • Susan Scott

    Effective Leadership in a Virtual Workplace

    Susan Scott, Founder,
    December 2, 2020

    Authenticity, inclusion and transparency are always key to effective leadership. But they’re more important than ever when workers have gone virtual. These are the muscles that today’s leaders must exercise if teams are to succeed, because “team” means something different now than it did a few months ago.