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  • Push to Talk Plus


    Whether you’re up against a project deadline or responding to an emergency, instant communication is critical when every second counts. With Verizon Push to Talk Plus (PTT+), you can talk to a single field employee or with groups of up to 250 people with just the push of a button.

    PTT+ runs on America’s largest and most reliable 4G LTE network, or over Wi-Fi. With one-second call setup and exceptional voice quality, PTT+ helps your business do more, faster.

  • More speed, more devices and more efficiency

    Verizon PTT+ gives you advanced communication capabilities, including:

    • Reliable networks—PTT+ works over our nationwide 3G and 4G LTE networks or over Wi-Fi, giving you the extensive and reliable coverage your dispersed workforce needs to stay connected
    • Push to Connect—Simply and easily share texts, alerts, photos, videos, location info, voice messages and documents
    • Interoperability with land mobile radio (LMR)— LMR interoperability allows employees with radios to communicate with those without radios to help control costs of adding new radios
    • A wide selection of devices—Choose from basic devices; ruggedized and nonruggedized smartphones, including Android® and Apple® platforms; and select tablets
    • Fast connections—Approximately one-second call setup and low latency allow you to easily select your contact or group name and start speaking right after you push the talk button
    • Large groups—Instantly connect with up to 250 people simultaneously, eliminating the need to reserve conference numbers and wait for participants to join
    • Dispatch Console—Make and receive calls, monitor groups, get near real-time workforce information, record calls and access activity logs
    • Group management—Create up to 1,000 groups with up to 250 members each and manage settings, such as allowing for sending and receiving, or send or receive only
    • Group broadcasting—Reach up to 500 people at once when you create a broadcast group
    • Cross-carrier collaboration—The PTT+ application works on devices connected to other carrier networks, helping to keep everyone on your team connected
    • Late join/rejoin capabilities—Participants can conveniently join or rejoin a group call, even after the meeting has started or if they accidentally drop
    • Robust online contact management tools—When you make modifications, contact lists on all assigned PTT+ devices are automatically updated in near real time to your entire organization
    • Talker priority—PTT+ group functionality allows a participant to be assigned the role of “supervisor” to keep group calls on task and productive
    • One Touch (for Kyocera® DuraForce PRO®)—Assign a specific contact or group to a push-to-talk (PTT) key
  • Enhance your Push to Talk Plus experience.

    To give you greater flexibility to customize how you collaborate, PTT+ now comes with Group Advanced and Group Command, our two new, optional add-on feature bundles.

    Group Advanced includes:

    • Urgent calling— With the highest priority on the PTT+ platform, this call has a new tone and will interrupt any ongoing PTT+ call
    • Large groups— Increase group size up to 3,000 members. Group command includes:
    • Group Advanced— Urgent calling, large groups and more
    • User check— Allow authorized PTT+ clients and dispatchers to obtain helpful user information such as presence and location, device signal strength and device battery level
    • Discreet listening— Enable authorized users to remotely listen to any PTT+ call
    • We create connections.

    • Advanced technology is at the core of everything we do. With a proven track record of fast and reliable connectivity,

    • Learn more:

    • To learn more about Verizon PTT+ for your business, please contact your Verizon Wireless business specialist or visit the Push to Talk Plus page for more information.