Mobile Security Index 2018 report

Performance over mobile security?

Our research found that companies that knowingly compromise mobile security were much more likely to have suffered a security incident that resulted in downtime or the loss of data. 

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  • Mobile Security Index 2018
  • At a glance: Mobile threats and security

    • Companies are sacrificing mobile security for expediency and business performance. And those that said they knew their organization did this were more than twice as likely to have experienced data loss or downtime (45% compared to 19%).
    • Almost all respondents (93%) agreed that mobile devices present a serious and growing security threat.
    • Despite this, many were failing to take basic precautions. Only 39% said they change all default passwords and over half (51%) didn’t have a public Wi-Fi policy.
    • Most know they need to take more action. 93% agreed that organizations should take mobile security more seriously.
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    Deploying mobile solutions is key to digital transformation. But it’s vital to protect your data as you innovate. Maintain performance while securing your mobile devices.

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