Data Breach Digest 2017: Cybercrime Case Studies

Data Breach Digest: Perspective is Reality

Our 16 new cybercrime case studies provide insight into the biggest threats you face—plus tips on how to prevent them. 

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  • Cloud Storming: Forecasting whether systems are in the area

    December 2017 Update
    Cloud Storming: The forecast is cloudy with a chance of pitfalls.

    As more data moves to third-party cloud-hosting facilities, getting quick access to digital forensic evidence isn’t easy. Learn how to overcome these challenges and keep your investigative response efforts on track.

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  • Unknown Unknowns: Know your assets and exposure points

    October 2017 Update
    Unknown Unknowns: Know your assets and exposure points

    Blind spots in your defenses could jeopardize your cybersecurity posture and leave you open to attacks. Find out how to mitigate the risks of Unknown Unknowns with our real-life cybercrime case studies.

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  • The Insider Threat: Protecting the Keys to the Kingdom

    July 2017 Update
    Insider Threat: Protecting the keys to the kingdom

    Whether it’s malicious or accidental, one of the biggest threats you face could be from inside your organization. Discover how to spot the signs of an Insider Threat using our cybercrime case studies.

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  • Data Breach Digest: Cybercrime case studies

    Learn from our cybercrime case studies

    Every year, the Verizon VTRAC (Verizon Threat Research Advisory Center, formerly known as the RISK Team) investigates hundreds of cybercrimes and helps organizations recover fast. In the Data Breach Digest, we share some of our most interesting cases—anonymized of course—so you can learn from the lessons of others.

    Our 16 cybercrime case studies cover the most lethal and prevalent threats you face—from partner misuse to sophisticated malware. We set out the measures you can take to better defend your organization and respond quickly if you are a victim of an attack.

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  • Data Breach Digest: Different points of view

    Cyber threats aren’t just an issue for the security team

    A cyber attack isn’t just a problem for IT. The fallout can affect every part of your organization—from Legal Counsel to Human Resources and Corporate Communications. To reflect that, each of the cybercrime case studies is written from the viewpoint of a different stakeholder. That will help you understand the critical pivot points in an investigation and the kind of decisions you might be faced with if you’re a data breach victim.

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  • Data Breach Digest:
    Can you solve these cybercrimes?

    Who was guilty of stealing a utility company’s customers’ refunds? Test your skills as a cybercrime investigator.

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