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  • Transforming business with near-real time processes.

  • Verizon and SAP are partnering to create enterprise solutions that leverage Verizon private and public networks and edge computing with SAP analytics, solutions and edge services. This partnership aims to help drive business agility and unleash new business models by leveraging transformative technologies like 5G, edge computing, artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning. Together, we are supporting innovation and transformation efforts, revolutionizing factory floors and distribution warehouses, while ushering in the Fourth Industrial Revolution. 

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  • Accelerate SAP Cloud Migrations

  • Businesses need to harness the power of cloud computing for more and more of their front- and back-office applications to increase agility and versatility. Yet the complexity of integrating on-premises and cloud infrastructures while still meeting increasing security, compliance and auditing requirements can be daunting. Today’s networks play a key role in enabling successful cloud migrations, but unresolved network challenges can cause significant delays. 

    Verizon and SAP can help. As you consider adopting a cloud platform, we can help simplify and accelerate your cloud migration through a suite of professional networking services, including network assessments, network design and network implementations, as well as managed network and security services.

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    • White paper: SAP cloud adoption journey and challenges

    • Fact sheet: Verizon support for SAP cloud migration

  • SAP on the Edge

    Verizon and SAP are co-innovating next-generation Internet of Things (IoT) analytics solutions to help power the intelligent enterprise. From manufacturing and fulfillment to retail, the Verizon and SAP edge-computing collaboration can help transform industries by helping them harness real-time data and analytics to increase efficiency and cut costs.

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  • "This combined solution is not just about massive IoT. We are also enabling computer vision, augmented reality, blockchain and machine learning using Verizon’s network. These are a truly comprehensive set of capabilities to help our customers better manage critical functions including asset lifecycles, supply chains, customer experiences, human capital and plant operations."

    • - George Fischer, Senior VP, SVP 5G Ecosystems & Alliances, Verizon Business Group

    • Verizon 5G and Edge Compute at SAP Labs

    • To learn more about the Verizon and SAP partnership, watch our launch event.

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    • Industry 4.0 vision

    • Industry 4.0 will radically change production across discrete and process industries. Production equipment will become highly autonomous. The way humans work in production will change, with workers getting tailored information and decision support from smart devices. The production software stack will see a shift from transactional production execution to data-driven business process execution and optimization. Sensors, devices, machines, and systems will be increasingly interconnected. 

      Together Verizon, SAP and our combined ecosystem will help usher in the Fourth Industrial Revolution, enabling massive steps forward in leveraging connected devices and automation.

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