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Together, we are supporting customer innovation
and transformation efforts.

Verizon and SAP

Verizon and SAP are partnering to create enterprise solutions that leverage Verizon private networks and Edge Computing with SAP analytics, solutions, and edge services to enable real-time business processes that use information, actions, and events the moment they occur. We are experts at helping customers transform, deploy, and adopt new services on a global scale, helping companies (including SAP) migrate their business operations safely and securely to the cloud.

Together, we are supporting customer innovation and transformation efforts in three key areas:


Today’s network – part traditional, part virtual and always critical – is more dynamic than ever. Verizon is an expert at helping customers transform, deploy, and adopt new services on a global scale, from advising and planning through implementation and integration.

As SAP users consider adopting a cloud platform, we can help simplify and accelerate their cloud migration through a suite of professional networking services, including network assessments, network design and network implementations, as well as managed network and security services.


The future of the enterprise lies in 5G and Edge computing. As announced at the 2019 Mobile World Congress, Verizon and SAP are co-innovating next-generation IoT Analytics Solutions by leveraging Verizon’s emerging technologies to revolutionize factory floors, distribution warehouses, and retail stores. Private Networks and Edge Computing will help enable real-time business processes that exploit information, actions and events as they occur. Then, relevant data will be sent to SAP running in the cloud for an end-to-end solution.  This will allow companies to gain the benefits of real-time analytics and response at the location the sensors reside in, while also integrating data into the SAP back office solution to leverage best practices.

The Intelligent Enterprise will help:

  • Revolutionize factory and warehouse floors with real-time predictive maintenance, predictive quality, and autonomous devices
  • Transform retail operations and customer experiences with real-time out-of-stock replenish, planogram/shrinkage compliance, and distribution center efficiencies

Together, Verizon and SAP are solving problems in new and improved ways to increase productivity and add to the bottom line. Read more

Thought Leadership

Industry 4.0 will radically change production across discrete and process industries. Production equipment will become highly autonomous. The way humans work in production will change, with workers getting tailored information and decision support with smart devices. The production software stack will see a shift from transactional production execution to data-driven business process execution and optimization. All sensors, devices, machines, etc. will be connected. Together Verizon, SAP, and our ecosystem will usher in the Fourth Industrial Revolution enabling massive steps forward in connected devices and automation 

This combined solution is not just about massive IoT. We are also enabling computer vision, augmented reality, blockchain and machine learning using Verizon’s network. These are a truly comprehensive set of capabilities to help our customers better manage critical functions including asset lifecycles, supply chains, customer experiences, human capital and plant operations.”

George Fischer, Senior VP, SVP-5G Ecosystems & Alliances, Verizon Business Group

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To learn more about how Verizon and SAP are Better Together, contact us at Vz-SAP@verizon.com.