Verizon has a solid track record of helping small businesses, especially those hurt during the pandemic. Watch as business owners meet their mentors and get sound small business advice you can also use.

  • Comeback Coach Episodes

  • We’ve matched three up-and-coming small business owners with successful business coaches for one-on-one mentoring. Watch what happens when these would-be movers and shakers meet their rainmakers.

  • Comeback Coach episode 1
    • Episode 1

      Small business coach Lucinda Cross helps rolling restaurant franchise business Bro-Ritos hatch a plan to cover overhead, test new markets and grow brand recognition during a pandemic using web publishing tool Localworks.

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  • Comeback Coach episode 2
    • Episode 2

      Business consultant Graham Dobbin works with specialty fitness firm Dimensional Training Studios to leverage its loyal member base, decimated by COVID-19, to expand its online services with video conferencing platform BlueJeans.  

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  • Comeback Coach episode 3
    • Episode 3

      Focalpoint business coach Sharon Richter advises the owner of Pretty Pink Rooster, a problem-solving boutique for women, on how to advance her franchise concept despite uncertain times. BlueJeans will help her connect with online customers too.

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  • Comeback Coach episode 4
    • Episode 4

      Business consultant Graham Dobbin pushes business owners Adrina and Andrew McCreary to think big. And when it comes growing a small business like Dimensional Training Studios, he encourages them to stay focused on new solutions and let a resource like TechTeam handle IT issues.

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  • Comeback Coach episode 5
    • Episode 5

      Business coach Sharon Richter works with Alexandra Daras on delegating tasks and managing according to the 80/20 rule. She recommends time- and communications-management tools like Verizon One Talk so she can focus on goals and growing her business to the next level.

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  • Comeback Coach episode 6
    • Episode 6

      Business coach Lucinda Cross continues her work with Marcus Crawford, Jarid Thomas and Jonathon Gibbs to solidify a Bro-Ritos branding story. As they look to cement their positions as community influencers, she shows them how a 4G LTE Jetpack can help them stay connected while on a national food truck tour.

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  • Comeback Coach episode 7
    • Episode 7

      Lucida works with the team from Bro-Ritos to craft a business story and plan for expansion. BlueJeans helps them make a virtual pitch to an investor.

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  • Comeback Coach episode 8
    • Episode 8

      Graham works out with Dimensional Training Studios to better understand their customer base and how they might reposition themselves. He also shows them how a 4G LTE Jetpack can help them do more with data on the move.

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  • Comeback Coach episode 9
    • Episode 9

      Sharon coaches Alexandra on corporate and personal branding, and explains how they can both contribute to Pretty Pink Rooster’s success. Tools like Localworks can help her deliver repeatable, consistent brand experiences and franchise the business.

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  • Comeback Coach episode 10
    • Episode 10

      The teams from Bro-Ritos, Pretty Pink Rooster and Dimensional Training celebrate their successes so far. They look forward to continued growth, thanks to a combination of tenacity, strategic thinking and smart use of technology.

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  • Here to help small businesses stay ready.

    Small and medium-sized businesses are the backbone of the nation. That’s why Verizon develops products, curates content and provides support to help you compete in a rapidly changing world.

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Women in Business

Women represent a large percentage of the frontline workforce. Verizon recognizes their contributions and opens up a dialogue on professional and personal success in this series of webinars that Tami Erwin, executive vice president and Group CEO of Verizon Business, moderates.

  • Women in Public Sector

    Join us December 8th from 3:15pm – 4:00 pm ET for a lively conversation amongst groundbreaking female executives discussing their successes and challenges as they’ve built their careers in business, public sector and policy and the need for more women in public sector leadership.





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  • Women in Finance

    Listen to female executives Kathryn Chase of Citibank and Gabrielle Rabinovitch from PayPal share their personal experiences and advice on leading and succeeding in the financial sector during the pandemic. 





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  • Women in Media

    Hear the voices of a diverse panel of women leaders from across corporate, digital, broadcast, social and cable media platforms. They discuss obstacles, opportunities, closing the gaps and moving forward in media and in life.





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  • Women in Sports

    Meet Lisa Baird of the National Women's Soccer League, Kim Davis from the National Hockey League and Renie Anderson of the National Football League. They share their challenges with virtualizing their live products, addressing social justice issues and leading in male-dominated fields. 





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  • Women in Tech

    Suzy Ryoo, Co-Founder and President of Q&A, and Julie Sweet, global CEO of Accenture, join this lively conversation covering a range of topics, including leadership, the role technology plays in creating and adapting to change, and why diversity is critical to innovation.





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  • When you work with Verizon, you get the same resources, expertise and state-of-the-art technology that some of the world’s largest companies rely on. And with the nation’s most awarded wireless network, you can choose from a wide range of products and plans built especially for small businesses like yours.

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