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Utilities and Energy Management Technologies

Utilize one of many energy management technologies from Verizon Enterprise Solutions that provide actionable data and help business operate more efficiently.


Whether you’re an energy provider or enterprise executive, you know the world depends on the strength of your infrastructure. So you require consistent, usable data about every aspect of your business, and the power to act on that information.

Drawing upon Verizon expertise in global connectivity and its energy management technologies, your enterprise can build secure energy distribution services with flexible dynamic scalability, at a low cost, while still providing customers with choice and control in fulfilling their needs.

Distribution Grid Automation

Everything depends on the reliability and uptime of your grid. Verizon energy management technologies were developed to put the health of your infrastructure at your fingertips. Wireless sensors monitor power quality in the grid and send near real-time alerts about outages, faults and restorations in high-value assets, helping you to cut service response time, perform predictive maintenance, limit equipment damage and improve reliability scores.

Smart Metering

Your success depends not only on a granular view into the status of your grid, but also on your ability to decipher, coordinate and fulfill the myriad requests sent by every location, account, user and device that comes online. Verizon Smart Metering is an energy management technology that captures and analyzes monthly data reads to help you adjust energy distribution and usage, integrate systems and devices, enhance billing capabilities and streamline response to customers. It’s the information you need to not just achieve your business objectives and boost customer satisfaction, but go beyond.

Remote Monitoring

Your network of fuel tanks is one of your most valuable assets— so around-the-clock monitoring is essential. Verizon uses tank sensors, GPS and wireless devices to connect you instantly to the information you need. Monitor tank level and condition data any time on your desktop, tablet or smartphone. Eliminate the high expense and risk of manual readings. Schedule maintenance and deliveries proactively, not as emergency responses. And deploy personnel only when you need to check threats to the system.

Field Force Management

When customers need help, you need to be there right away. Another of our energy management technologies, Field Force Management, multiplies the power of your service fleet by providing near real-time activity data so you can redeploy on the fly, calculate efficient driving routes, slash response time, reduce paperwork onsite and in the office and troubleshoot serious issues—keeping customer satisfaction high.

Why Verizon?

Verizon Wireless technology helps your business operate more efficiently and effectively. When your mobile workers are on the go, our solutions help keep them connected, sharing data and collaborating with secure, reliable technology.

Verizon Wireless draws upon these advanced technology platforms and services to provide targeted solutions for your mobile workforce.


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