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The Verizon Network-Backed Asset Tracking System

See how you can control costs with an asset tracking system from Verizon Enterprise Solutions. Asset monitoring has never been so simple.

An asset tracking system backed by the Verizon network offers detailed visibility of your supply chain—which allows you to increase control, drive new efficiencies, and control costs to boost your bottom line. Asset monitoring has never been so easy.

The asset tracking system starts with your assets themselves, which are equipped with specialized tracking devices. Our asset tracking solutions utilize ruggedized sensors, RFID readers, and GPS technology—all of which are backed up by the Verizon network—to keep an eye on your moving assets. Barcode systems use lasers or cameras to scan individual labels or enable signature-captures on the spot. In more complex asset tracking situations, an RFID reader can send out a signal that finds hundreds of assets in a defined area. The RFID reader can then quickly report cargo value, location, and even inventory levels, allowing you to know exactly when it's time to restock.

Our asset tracking system does more than help you increase efficiency. The asset monitoring abilities of our solutions also mean that you can be alerted to dangers and your assets can be protected anywhere in the supply chain. Compact, battery-operated cellular-based trackers are placed in carriers to monitor conditions like temperature, humidity, and orientation. These asset monitoring tools are also capable of sensing movement, geo-fence violations, and speed, so you know exactly where your cargo is and how long it took to get there.

You can access this data collected by our comprehensive asset tracking system on-demand at any time in a simple and secure web portal, or you can even have it made readily available on a set schedule. Best of all, the system's technology all runs on the Verizon network, the largest and most reliable 4G LTE network in the U.S. So you can be sure you get the critical information your business needs fast, allowing you to make the right decisions at the right time to move your business forward.

The asset tracking system from Verizon Enterprise Solutions gives you the kind of control over your supply chain that you need to deliver goods on time and in the right condition. With this level of visibility, you can keep your customers informed, earning their trust and loyalty. It's a must-have capability for your business.

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