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Smart Lighting Technology Brief

Do more than reduce energy costs. Learn how to provide a safe environment for your citizens using smart lighting technology from Verizon Enterprise Solutions.

Put brighter ideas to work. What if you could do more than reduce energy costs?

Everyday street lamps use a lot of power. In New York City, lighting uses approximately 295.5 million kWh, which costs $50 million a year. 1

More and more cities are starting to retrofit street lights with energy-efficient LEDs. The new smart lighting technology can help cities save on energy and maintenance costs. LEDs also provide better light — a crisp white light that helps people to see more clearly at night. Compared to high-pressure sodium and metal-halide fixtures, LEDs are a more sustainable choice. LEDs typically last longer, which means fewer outages and lower maintenance costs. The wattage per bulb is also lower, so it costs less to run.

But better, cheaper lighting isn’t the whole story. LEDs are essentially electronic devices, so you can connect them to control systems. With new integrated smart lighting technologies, like Verizon Intelligent Lighting, your infrastructure can be more than a wattage saver. It’s a gateway that can connect many Internet of Things technology solutions. These solutions can help municipalities provide a safe environment for its citizens.

Better services for your community.

Smart lighting technology solutions make it possible to regulate light levels in ways you never imagined, by dimming them or switching them off when no one is around.

  • Sensors can help manage energy costs.
  • Switches and dimmers can be remotely managed helping control maintenance costs.

Timely engagement with the public.

Networked street lights will transform the way you think about everything from public safety to revenue.

  • Digital signage, video and music can prompt interest in events or drive advertising revenue.
  • Environmental sensors can trigger alerts based on light, moisture or sound levels.
  • Emergency notifications can be broadcast. Intelligent Lighting is one of many smart solutions that will integrate with other Smart Cities applications, over the Verizon network.

Why Verizon

When it comes to community infrastructure, the network matters. We offer America’s largest, most reliable 4G LTE network. Our testers drive a million miles a year to make sure we provide reliable service. Nearly all of our towers have backup generators to help keep them working during blackouts. Because reliability means you can depend on us whenever you need us.

And we don’t stop there. We work with industry experts to provide revolutionary devices and applications, enterprise-grade cloud technologies and machine-to-machine (M2M) innovations that transform the way devices interact. Our expertise in connected technologies has helped form the Internet of Things.

Ninety-eight percent of the Fortune 500 rely on our wired and wireless services and technologies. And we’re a leading communications and wireless service provider to the public sector. Broad coverage, fast speeds and America’s most reliable 4G LTE network. So you can protect what’s important, with help from a trusted partner. Verizon.

1 Green Light: Sustainable Street Lighting for NYC, NYCDOT, 2009.