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Wireless Private Network

Securely extend your wireless network to employees on the go. 

Work securely outside your private network.

You’ve invested substantial resources in protecting your internal IT network. But work doesn’t just get done in the office. How do you extend that secure access to the places your business needs to go? 

Verizon Wireless Private Network gives your people and their devices seamless, secure access to company sites and data anywhere our wireless network is available and while roaming internationally. Employees can work where they want and remote modems, routers and machine-to-machine devices can stay connected. Our 4G LTE network backs it all, the largest, and most reliable in the U.S.

What is Wireless Private Network?

Wireless Private Network, our wireless access point (WAP) solution, securely extends your apps and resources where your employees and devices need them. It helps boost productivity with access to critical tools and data. And it gives your business a secure foundation for adopting new wireless platforms and technologies.  

How does Wireless Private Network work?

Wireless Private Network segregates your traffic when connecting your mobile devices. By separating data from public traffic, employees get a direct connection to your internal network. You control access, and it reaches anywhere our wireless network goes. It’s also easily scalable, so you can add wireless devices as needed.

Private Network Traffic Management

Control the data on your network and prioritize access for your critical applications.

Private Network Traffic Management

Features & benefits

Our Wireless Private Network gives you control over your mobile network and the devices that depend on it. It provides employees with remote access to resources—and IT staff easy access to management tools.

  • Control who can send and receive traffic, plus share costs with multi-party billing
  • Maintain security using split data routing to isolate your data from the public internet 
  • Gain private network access wherever there’s Verizon Wireless coverage
  • Set up new devices easily—no need for complicated device configurations


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Network rankings based on RootMetrics® US National and State RootScore® Reports: 1H 2018. Performance rankings of four mobile networks rely on scores calculated from random samples across all available network types. Your experience may vary. The RootMetrics award is not an endorsement of Verizon. Visit www.rootmetrics.com  for more details. 

Services and/or features are not available in all countries/locations, and may be procured from in-country providers in select countries. We continue to expand our service availability around the world. Please consult your Verizon representative for service availability. Contact us.