Digital Evidence Management

Easily manage, protect and share digital evidence data from a centralized, CJIS-ready, cloud-based solution.

Streamline evidence management.

With the large amount of data gathered during an investigation, law enforcement officers and investigators need a better way to sort, analyze and share digital evidence.

Digital Evidence Management provides a centralized, cloud-based solution with tools that help you secure and easily manage key data. It improves collaboration and analysis while streamlining the entire chain-of-custody, investigation, analysis and evidentiary workflow.

Features & benefits

  • Effective resource utilization. Increases efficiency in collecting, storing and analyzing evidence, so you can spend more time solving crimes 
  • Secure chain of custody. Provides a secure method for storing evidence, helping you maintain compliance with CJIS, Federal Information Processing Standards (FIPS) and related policies
  • Improved investigative outcomes. Helps you build  better cases, by protecting evidence, uncovering key connections and generating new leads
  • Improved community relations. Collect and organize crowdsourced digital evidence, helping you engage and build public trust

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