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Track extremely valuable assets
with sensors, security and near
real-time data in a packaged IoT sensor solution.

Collect and analyze data to better manage IoT-connected assets. 

By easily gathering and analyzing data from IoT-connected assets, you’re ready to quickly turn complex challenges into positive outcomes for your business. Timely data analysis helps you better manage key business processes, from tracking mobile assets to predicting machine maintenance to monitoring remote environments and system flow.

The Verizon Critical Asset Sensor solution features multifunction sensors, connectivity, an IoT management platform, security and cloud connections in one easy-to-use package. Near real-time, actionable data can help you automate processes, boost productivity and make better-informed decisions to improve the performance of a wide-variety of IoT use cases.

What is Critical Asset Sensor?

Critical Asset Sensor is a multifunction, out-of-the-box IoT sensor solution with multiple sensors and GPS capabilities. It features CAT-M1 hardware, our ThingSpace IoT management platform and machine-to-machine (M2M) connectivity. You also get a cloud platform to collect and analyze IoT sensor data to better manage operations.

How does Critical Asset Sensor work?

In a bundled solution, Critical Asset Sensor connects your high-value assets via 4G LTE connectivity to ThingSpace and an IoT cloud platform to gather and analyze valuable data. You’ll have the IoT components you need to securely monitor location, temperature, humidity, acceleration, tilt, pressure and light.

Features & benefits    

Critical Asset Sensor provides the device, network and platforms to help you build cost-effective and market-ready IoT solutions to manage high-value assets. You can easily integrate use cases, such as predictive maintenance, remote monitoring, fleet management, usage analysis and predictive quality.

  • Seamless cloud access. Easily configure reporting and integrate IoT data into cloud services 
  • Secure certificates. Protect data with industry-standard IoT security policies 
  • High bandwidth. Deploy on massive IoT networks and our reliable CAT-M1 network
  • Remote management. Adjust settings from the self-service ThingSpace IoT management portal

Compare Critical Asset Sensor with Critical Asset Tracking

Which asset tracking solution is right for you?

Our Critical Asset Sensor and Critical Asset Tracking solutions can help you manage your high-value assets virtually wherever they operate. To help you make an informed decision about which solution is best for your organization, please review our side-by-side comparison below.

Critical Asset Sensor Critical Asset Tracking
A robust, all-in-one IoT sensor solution, if you already have software for ingesting data for asset tracking, and need a multi-sensor device with data connectivity and an IoT management platform. A stand-alone IoT monitoring solution. It includes Verizon software to collect data for tracking valuable assets, as well as monitoring environmental conditions.
Use a single application programming interface (API) to integrate with the multi-sensor device, ThingSpace and cloud services. Proactively monitor assets in-transit using an easy-to-use web portal. Easily collect data pre-correlated with asset location.
Access to seven sensors in one device with CAT-M1 LTE chipset and band 13/4 support (U.S./Canada). Get near real-time notifications when environmental conditions change beyond an acceptable point.
Integrate with virtually any third-party platform.
Provides easy access to Verizon Secure Cloud Interconnect with Amazon Web Services (cloud connector API).

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