Digital CX

Enhancing customer experience by contextually blending human and artificial intelligence.

Your business faces critical questions every day.

Digital Customer Experience (CX) can enhance customer engagement across multiple channels to help you address these questions. It blends human and artificial intelligence to provide your customers a personalized, consistent, and contextual experience as they interact with your brand.

What is Digital CX?

The Digital CX product encompasses a number of features that can be applied when devising your digital customer experience strategy. Imagine having ongoing insights across social channels and digital interactions to understand the voice of your customer and identify friction or gaps in your customer’s journey. Accompanied with tools that use the power of artificial intelligence to create and enhance self-serve automation and provide a centralized self-learning knowledge engine to help increase agent productivity and quality of customer interactions.

How does Digital CX work?

Digital CX uses narrow artificial intelligence and natural language processing to understand what your customers are saying and to create conversational interactions that they crave. AI pattern recognition is used to process large volumes of data providing invaluable insights, and combines with a powerful decision engine and intelligent integrations to help improve efficiency and create a personalized, consistent, and contextual customer experience.

Features & benefits

  • Available Around the Clock. Virtual Agent with Live Agent is a conversational approach powered by AI, that provides an army of problem solvers 24x7 to assist customers across digital channels. One click allows human agents to take over the interaction seamlessly on chat, one/two-way video or via SMS connector while retaining context
  • Empower Your Agents. Knowledge Assist is an AI-enhanced centralized knowledge base that incorporates intelligent search capabilities using natural language processing and a sophisticated authoring tool to store the latest information in one centralized solution.
  • Instant Insights. Sifting through the vast noise of social media, Social Engagement brings to the forefront relevant & actionable posts for your brand.  Respond to posts in near-real time, engage with important influencers, and see insights by trending topics and discussions about your brand.


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Digital CX in action

Why Verizon for Digital CX?

  • A complete and holistic customer experience solution
  • Ongoing customer experience expertise to help your Digital CX solution improve over time
  • Flexible delivery and integration models to accommodate customer specific use case (use Verizon built-in AI functionality or integrate with existing 3rd party AI)
  • Leading technology and platform for bot solution development, reporting and management

Digital CX Professional Services

Verizon provides an end-to-end portfolio of professional services to create better experiences, drive measurable results, and mitigate security risks for your business. Verizon uses a train the trainer methodology when helping enterprises implement their digital transformation strategy.

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