Smart Grid Technology

Smart energy and utilities technology solutions

Simplify how your grid works with an intelligent IoT platform.

Energy and utilities companies face tight regulations and budgets. But Verizon Grid Wide Utility solutions for electric, gas and water can help you take better control of these challenges. Each smart grid solution runs on a fully scalable Internet of Things (IoT) platform as a service to help you deliver resources more efficiently and realize a return on investment sooner.

  • Connect to smart grid technology for better performance.

  • New technologies are helping reinvent the energy and utilities industry by automating and enhancing distribution grids. They can also improve water management, boost security, address compliance and deliver critical information in near real time. Together, these advances in smart grid technology allow you to improve customer experiences, while fueling business growth.

    In fact, today’s smart grid technology can offer you a real competitive advantage. For example, connected devices provide you with up-to-date information about electric, gas and water consumption and operations—helping you identify patterns and trends. And with better data and insights, you can better manage your infrastructure, assets and operations.

  • hawaiian electric video
  • Verizon and Hawaiian Electric partner for renewable energy.

    See how Hawaiian Electric Company is partnering with Verizon to reach its
    100% renewable energy goal by 2045.

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  • Modernize your grid with smarter, more efficient solutions.

  • It doesn’t matter if you’re an energy, gas or water company or utility, we’ve got you covered. Our three Grid Wide solutions provide a managed, cloud-based platform for smart metering, meter data management, distribution monitoring and control, plus demand response.

    Turn up efficiency and cost effectiveness with:

    • Grid Wide: Intelligent Energy —Manage and balance energy loads, know where outages occur, automate billing and proactively monitor meter performance.
    • Grid Wide: Intelligent Gas —Remotely manage gas delivery systems, collect usage data to better predict spikes and become more proactive in equipment maintenance.
    • Grid Wide: Intelligent Water —Quickly pinpoint leaks, accurately track supply and water consumption, and keep close tabs on events—like backflows and no-flows—to help conservation efforts.
    See why IoT is the power behind smart grid technology in our State of the Market: IoT infographic
  • Streamline how you manage and invest in your grid.

  • You may think deploying new smart grid technologies requires IT investment. But we deliver our Grid Wide Utility solutions as a service, so you don’t have a large capital cost for IT investment. You pay for the services you use. And you don’t have to replace all of your meters at once. You can pick and choose your organization’s problem areas and work from there.

    Discover how Verizon Grid Wide Utility solutions can help you meet your challenges and satisfy your customers.

    See the Utility Smart Meter Calculator
  • Grid Wide IoT Gateway

    Avoid technology lock-in with an open-standards-based solution.

  • Verizon Grid Wide IoT Gateway gives you an integrated solution for smart metering, complete with point-to-multipoint communication, helping you better service and collect data from multiple smart meters and sensors. The Grid Wide IoT Gateway supports open standards and technologies, with open interfaces that provide support for proprietary meter-reading protocols and a wide range of radio modulations and frequencies. This open solution not only helps you avoid proprietary technology lock-in, but because you pay on a per-month, per-meter basis, you can focus on your biggest problem areas first, and upgrade services as you need them.

    Explore Grid Wide Gateway solutions for intelligent gas Explore Grid Wide Gateway solutions for intelligent water
  • Go with a one-stop-shop integration partner.

  • Let us take on all your IT challenges around the world, while you run your business. We customize a portfolio of Verizon and top third-party technologies into one solution so you get better business results.

    Learn about Global Integrated Solutions.
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    2020 Data Breach Investigations Report

    Don’t let cybercriminals take your organization off the grid. The 2018 Data Breach Investigations Report examines the risks your industry faces and tells you how to mitigate them.

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    2018 Data Breach Digest Report

    The energy and utilities industry is not immune from denial-of-service attacks and insider and privilege misuse. Learn from real-life investigations into these attacks and more in the new Data Breach Digest.

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  • Smart grid as a service white paper

    With the right partner and a comprehensive smart grid as a service (SGaaS) offering, you can decrease the complexities of building and maintaining a modern grid infrastructure.

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  • Hawaii Public Utilities commission use case

    Hawaiian Electric Company quickly expands conservation offerings with Verizon Grid Wide. These new programs will help Hawaii reach its goal of 100% renewable energy by 2045.

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    Free yourself from unnecessary truck rolls and manual meter readings with smart Grid Wide Utility solutions.

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  • IoT for Energy & Utilities

    See how the Internet of Things makes managing gas, energy and water delivery systems smarter and more efficient.

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