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Travel and Hospitality

The experience you deliver to your guests is what keeps them coming back. Think about it. People have saved up and taken time off. Or at the very least, are away from the comforts of home. In their minds, they expect—no, they deserve—quality, convenience, and connectivity, anywhere in the world they travel. With the right hospitality technology, your team can deliver amazing experiences that are unique and unforgettable.

  • Give every guest what they want—a better experience.

  • The guest experience begins long before arrival at the airport or hotel. Travelers have high expectations that you’ll deliver from booking to boarding and beyond. Your success depends on customized experiences that deliver on expectations—and put customers at ease.

    The latest travel and hospitality technology provides innovative ways for you to interact with your customers. Concierge services tied to smartphone apps and improved in-room amenities can help you anticipate and serve guest needs. The result? New ways to generate revenue and customer loyalty.

  • Deliver service

    Deliver higher levels of service while controlling costs.

  • Travel technology solutions are helping to transform the travel and hospitality industry. Investing in mobile operations management, guest services technology, and interactive applications can turn routine services into exceptional experiences.

  • Creating opportunities

  • With operational costs continuing to rise, travel technology solutions can help you connect with and attract new guests. Create a better business model that focuses on the customer. Or discover revenue opportunities through new services.

Core Technologies

Discover the solutions that drive technology and professional services organizations.

  • Networks and Advanced Communications

  • Your customers and guests are plugged in 24x7. Take advantage of this always-on behavior with an intelligent network that connects people around the world to the right information at the right time.

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  • Mobility

  • Mobile devices are changing not only guest experiences, but also your capabilities, like seamless check-ins or personalized amenities. With a connected staff, you can provide consistent customer service at every point of contact.

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  • Internet of Things

  • Connected machines provide insight into guest preferences, so you can meet and exceed their expectations. M2M technology also helps you tap into new sales opportunities, with wireless kiosks and mobile concierge services.

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  • Security

  • Once your customers trust you with their personal information, protecting it becomes paramount. Our security solutions reach across mobile devices, connected machines, and the cloud to shield you from data breaches, loss, and theft.

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  • Go with a one-stop-shop integration partner.

  • Let us take on all your IT challenges around the world, while you run your business. We customize a portfolio of Verizon and top third-party technologies into one solution so you get better business results.

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