Fleet management

Know the location of your fleet, and find the shortest routes.

Your business depends on the location and condition of your vehicles, as well as the safety of your employees. That means you need to stay in constant contact—even when your equipment and people are on the move.


Fleet Management solutions help you track vehicles, monitor drivers and run vehicle diagnostics—remotely. You get near real-time information to better manage schedules, delivery routes and potential trouble spots. Plus, you’ll quickly notice how on-time delivery and faster response times can help improve customer service and generate more revenue.

With Fleet Management solutions, you can:

  • Control repair costs with vehicle maintenance routines.
  • Cut fuel consumption with better routes and less idling.

Core Technologies

Discover the solutions that drive technology and professional services organizations.

Networks and Advanced Communications

A secure, reliable network is the backbone of our transportation and distribution solutions. From telematics to asset tracking, access to real-time information 24x7 improves your ability to make informed decisions that can control costs or expedite deliveries.

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Mobile devices keep your on-the-road workforce connected to real-time information and vital productivity apps. Improve customer service, business efficiency, and the safety of your people and your assets.

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Internet of Things

Connected machines represent the future of transportation and distribution. Learn more about how M2M technology for asset tracking, logistics, and management helps companies with mobile workforces and remote locations.

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The most effective security solutions should protect your devices, data, and infrastructure. Learn more about how we can help you manage risk and maintain your reputation.

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