Transportation and Distribution

Transportation technology solutions


Innovative transportation technology solutions make it easier than ever to deliver shipments, manage schedules, set routes and avoid hazards. They give you near real-time information and insights throughout transit so you can make faster, more-informed decisions. The result? Distribution solutions that help you improve operational efficiency, provide better customer service and develop new opportunities across the supply chain.

  • Improve efficiency with near real-time information.

  • You have more goods—that need to be delivered more frequently and more reliably—than ever before. So your supply chain has to keep up. But that’s not easy when your people and equipment are always on the move. Technologies like machine-to-machine (M2M), mobile apps and cloud computing are reinventing distribution solutions, and improving communications, logistics and inventory tracking. Which helps create a more efficient supply chain, improve customer trust and brand loyalty.

    So you can focus on your core business—transportation.

  • Get information

    Get the information you need to better manage routes and supply chains.

  • While consumers value features like Wi-Fi and navigation, connected car solutions also offer significant benefits for business. Telematics and smart sensors provide valuable data such as GPS location and cargo status, so you can improve the decisions you make during transit.


  • Acting on insights

  • Insights from information transmitted between machines can help you make faster, more-informed decisions about the status of equipment, shipments, schedules, costs, hazards and compliance. Even around the globe.

  • Increasing efficiency

  • Transportation technology solutions can improve your operational efficiencies and control costs by helping your drivers choose better routes, reduce engine idling, decrease waiting times and streamline schedules for more timely delivery.

  • Harnessing apps

  • With thousands of mobile apps available today, there’s a transportation, logistics or distribution solution that can help you do everything from better managing fleet performance to improving employee productivity on the road.

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Core Technologies

Discover the solutions that drive technology and professional services organizations.

  • Networks and Advanced Communications

  • A secure, reliable network is the backbone of our transportation and distribution solutions. From telematics to asset tracking, access to real-time information 24x7 improves your ability to make informed decisions that can control costs or expedite deliveries.

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  • Mobility

  • Mobile devices keep your on-the-road workforce connected to real-time information and vital productivity apps. Improve customer service, business efficiency, and the safety of your people and your assets.

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  • Internet of Things

  • Connected machines represent the future of transportation and distribution. Learn more about how M2M technology for asset tracking, logistics, and management helps companies with mobile workforces and remote locations.

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  • Security

  • The most effective security solutions should protect your devices, data, and infrastructure. Learn more about how we can help you manage risk and maintain your reputation.

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  • Go with a one-stop-shop integration partner.

  • Let us take on all your IT challenges around the world, while you run your business. We customize a portfolio of Verizon and top third-party technologies into one solution so you get better business results.

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