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The Future of Work:
connecting employees
& customers

The digital transformation of the workplace has only just begun.    As the next generation of disruptive technologies start to change how we do business, we look at the key trends that will define the Future of Work.

  • What if the workplace is no longer a place?

    From distributed contact centres to collaboration platforms, the traditional real-estate centric notion of where work happens is being challenged. The vendor landscape for these new technologies is complex and rapidly changing, creating risks for organizations embarking on transformation. Yet the greatest challenges are often in changing employee behaviour and adapting to new styles of management.

  • Remote work is 
    here to stay.

    A new report from Harvard Business Review Analytic Services finds that remote work can be just as effective as onsite work—and that organizations with advanced digital workplace strategies are having the best outcomes. See what it takes to successfully create the workplace of the future and gain the advantages that can come from it.

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  • Executive Summary

    Get the most from remote working.

    Having a digital work strategy can help ensure that remote workers are productive and effective. Read the executive summary in the Harvard Business Review Analytic Services report and get a brief overview of the best strategies for adapting to the new digital workplace.





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  • Infographic

    What leaders think about remote working

    New research shows that remote working can be just as effective as in-office work. Get data-driven insights on remote working and how the digital workplace can help deliver positive business outcomes.




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  • Guide

    Make your digital workplace a success.

    From communication to collaboration to security, supporting your remote workers requires the right tools and capabilities. Read the Verizon best practices guide to learn what you need to be successful.




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  • Choose to communicate with purpose

    Employee experience: how better collaboration can lead to better business results

    Discover how the right tech can transform engagement and productivity across your organization. 

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  • Collaboration tools: what do lines of business really want?

    View this webinar to learn how Verizon experts see the future of tech-enabled collaboration.

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  • Customer Experience Challenges

    Does your customer experience stand out from the competition?

    As CX becomes a key differentiator for organizations, we explore the big issues for business leaders.

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  • The business case for better customer experience

    This webinar looks at how COVID-19 has seen some contact centres adopt new tech to transform their CX.

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The 5 states of ready

Done right, digital transformation is a strategic journey with clearly defined steps and milestones customised to your organization. At every stage, you need the right insights – and the right partner – to help you continually strengthen your operations, deepen your customer relationships and safeguard your future success.
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