Cyber Incident Response Plan

The speed of detection and response can be the difference between a nuisance and a disaster.

If rapidly identifying a cyber attack is critical to reducing its impact to your organization’s operations and reputation, knowing what actions to take when one is identified is even more so.

Based on years of investigating data breaches, Verizon offers insights on how to prevent or lessen the consequences of a cyber-attack, and can help you quickly and accurately respond to an attack if one occurs.

Attain cyber security education for all.

Help your people, especially those who don’t work in IT, understand how they can help reduce the likelihood of a cyber attack.

Get real-life, practical guidance from the team that investigates 500+ security incidents each year.

Partner with a leader to help you plan for, and respond to attacks

Ensuring your organization is prepared for a cyber attack is critical to maintaining business continuity and preserving brand integrity. Knowing how to respond when the inevitable happens may reduce the impact of a breach and more organizations are working with experts in cyber incident response to help ensure their planning and response protocols are adequate. The IDC MarketScape recently analyzed providers, and for US Incident Readiness, Response, and Resiliency Services, Verizon was named a leader. Read an excerpt of the report excerpt to discover whether your incident response plan is up to scratch.

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  • Prepare intelligently, respond quickly.

    Sophisticated incident response planning and procedures can help organizations rapidly identify and respond to cyber attacks in order to mitigate damage.

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Many straightforward approaches exist to help reduce threats. Let Verizon show you how to go from simple security to cyber resilience.

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