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The Future of CX.

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  • The age of trust

    Securing our future

    Verizon and InnovationAus present The Age of Trust podcast series. This series explores how we are securing our future for the Fourth Industrial Revolution. Cybersecurity experts and industry leaders will discuss the impact of remote working, data protection, intangible assets and the mega-trends affecting us in this hyper-connected environment.

  • Episode 1:
    Global Regulatory Issues and Opportunities

    Corrie McLeod from InnovationAus interviews MJ Salier, Sr Managing Associate General Counsel International Regulatory – Product and Process Verizon Business Group, and Michelle Price, CEO of AustCyber, to discuss how Australia deals with changing digital regulations around the world and the shifting trends in technology and business.

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  • Episode 2:
    Protecting the Internet of Things

    As companies come to rely on real-time IoT data, it’s vital to make sure this data is protected. CEO of IoT Alliance Australia, Frank Zeichner, and Verizon Managing Partner Global Solutions, Andy Lamrock, discuss how businesses can secure the Internet of Things.

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  • Episode 3:
    The 5G Boost for Big Industry

    5G promises to exponentially increase connectivity, creating not only a wealth of opportunities, but increased threats of cybercrime and security breaches. Tony Harb, Head of Solution Architects, Verizon talks to Adrian Beer, CEO, METS Ignited about how organisations can develop cyber resilience as 5G enables them to fast track their adoption of technology in light of Covid.

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  • Episode 4:
    Securing the Heartbeat of Knowledge – Data

    With Verizon’s Data Breach Investigation Report 2020 revealing almost double the number of breaches compared to the previous year, we look at the findings through an Australian lens. InnovationAus talks with the Australian Federal Police’s Cybercrime Operation Commander, Commander Chris Goldsmid, and Operations Director of Verizon, Prescott Pym.

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The statements and opinions expressed in this podcast do not reflect the views or opinions of Verizon and its affiliates.

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  • CX of the future

    Reimagined, retooled and redesigned

    In this series of informative podcasts, Steve Nuttall of Fifth Quadrant and Mathew Wells from Verizon discuss the CX of The Future with business leaders. Over five episodes, they explore how to maintain an agile response through the current pandemic and beyond. The series will cover customer experience, culture, employee experience, technology, and what this means for the future of CX.

  • Episode 1:
    Rapid response

    In early 2020, companies faced huge challenges as a result of Covid-19. Pivoting to home working, dealing with increased call volumes and more complex queries meant implementing massive changes in technology within weeks. Gordon Littley, Verizon US Domains and CX Practice Lead and Chris Luxford of Aspire Group discuss who managed well, who didn't, and the role played by the vendor and partner ecosystem.

  • Episode 2:
    Culture and Employee Experience

    Cary Cusumano from Verizon US, and Gary McCourt of BGIS explore the importance of employee experience and how companies who were leaders in this area managed the crisis better than most. They discuss what changed for employees and how they coped with the new reality, what employee experience might look like in the future, and the post-Covid prospects for offshoring.

  • Episode 3:
    Customer Experience

    Amelia Diggle of Verizon Connect, and Teresa Clarke Verizon Service Leader ANZ join Steve Nuttall and Mathew Wells to explore what changed for the customer during the Covid-19 crisis. They discuss the channels customers were forced to use, the effect on wait times, and try to answer the question, “Have customers been more tolerant and understanding, or more intolerant of poor service due to the impact of Covid-19?”

The statements and opinions expressed in this podcast do not reflect the views or opinions of Verizon and its affiliates.

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