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Intelligent Traffic Management and Intelligent Transportation System

See how Verizon Intelligent Traffic Management goes beyond traditional solutions to provide near real-time data and analytics to handle commuting challenges.


People are on the move. And more movement means more traffic. As your city continues to grow, keeping an eye on every traffic hotspot becomes more and more challenging. Aging infrastructure, poor signal timing and lack of real-time data all contribute to billions of gallons of wasted fool and billions of hours of extra drive time every year.

But now Intelligent Traffic Management by Verizon helps you meet these increasing challenges head-on while reducing the burden on municipal resources. A cloud-based software-as-a-service, Verizon Intelligent Traffic Management gives you key performance metrics to measure volume and capacity, travel speed, traffic events and more.

In contract to traditional traffic solutions, where studies and measurements are manual and infrequent, Verizon Intelligent Traffic Management provides near real-time data with in-ground and micro radar sensors. Wirelessly connected and managed through a powerful analytics engine, the end-to-end solutions is easily installed, with limited downtown.

With 24-7 monitoring Verizon Intelligent Traffic Management continually updates you on how well roads and intersections are performing. Uninterrupted data collection gives you access to better, more complete information on traffic patterns and usage, enabling turn-movement counts for better signal retiming and optimization and other advanced features to help keep your streets safe.

Better data mean better decisions. And better decisions mean reduced traffic delays and less harmful emissions in your community. Plus, when you decide on Verizon Intelligent Traffic Management, your solution runs on the nation's largest and most reliable 4G LTE network. Give smarter roads the green light with Verizon Intelligent Traffic Management.

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