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Car Rental Solutions Streamline Rental Operations to Create New Business Models

Learn how today’s mobile technology allows more and more businesses to automate operations while creating new services or enhancing existing ones.

One such area that easily lends itself to wireless automation is vehicle rentals. For traditional rental companies, that means they can now implement an unattended self-service model that automates the rental process without the need for human interaction. They can now control costs associated with staffing and operating a physical brick-and-mortar location to support this new business model.

Verizon Auto Share and car rental solutions help set your business apart by using a wireless, app-based system that improves the rental experience for customers while reducing costs. Plus, the app lets you send promotions and updates to rental customers, such as offers for Wi-Fi or refuel options, to build customer loyalty.

Verizon Auto Share in action

Here’s a fictional example of how Verizon Auto Share can benefit traditional vehicle rental companies:


A mid-sized rental agency (approximately 250 vehicles) engages Verizon to implement a solution to help the agency stand out from the competition. The agency has a small internal staff, which consists of a president, vice president of sales, vice president of operations and a single IT employee. The vice president of operations manages and maintains the agency’s vehicle fleet, while the IT person maintains its reservation system.

“We’ve taken our expertise in smartphone apps, our user ID service… our mobile payment expertise… our cloud and security and back-end integration, so you can complete a transaction in an unattended mode to rent a vehicle.”

Mark Bartolomeo, Vice President, Connected Solutions, Verizon Wireless


During the engagement process, the agency’s needs became clearer. The agency’s president had areas of strategic concern, while the vice president of operations’ concerns were more operational-driven.

The president’s concerns included:

  • Delivering a self-service rental experience to the company’s customers
  • Enabling customers to rent vehicles after normal business hours
  • Moving vehicles closer to customers’ locations
  • Better competing with larger, more traditional rental companies
  • Responding to potential disruptions in the marketplace caused by vehicle-sharing companies
  • Providing exceptional and differentiated customer service and experience

The vice president of operations wanted to:

  • Know where the agency’s vehicles were at all times.
  • See when vehicles moved in or out of predefined geographic areas.
  • Receive details from fuel, odometer, battery and diagnostic trouble-code (DTC) scans to help streamline operations and enable predictive maintenance programs.
  • Set vehicle speed and RPM alerts to report customers’ driving behaviors that could result in excessive wear and tear.


Verizon suggested the agency use its Auto Share solution to meet these business challenges. Our car rental solutions let customers use a mobile app and their smartphone or tablet to quickly search, locate and reserve vehicles to rent. Reserved vehicles can be picked up at any time, simply by scanning a quick response (QR) code to associate the vehicle to the end user. Once vehicle and user identities are validated, a virtual key fob is enabled, allowing the end user to access and use the vehicle—all without the need for human interaction.

Verizon Auto Share helps the rental agency distinguish itself from the competition by enabling it to offer a fully automated, self-service customer model that is easy to use and more convenient to customers. Plus, the car rental solution gives the agency the ability to track and monitor vehicles’ location-based information and diagnostic data, providing better visibility and insight into vehicle operations for greater efficiency. And, by using a wireless self-service app, agencies can save the costs of a brick-and-mortar location and its staff.

Traditional rental companies have a combined total inventory of nearly 2 million vehicles.1

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