Improve how you track assets in
transit and verify they are in adequate
environmental conditions. 

Stay in control of your assets as they move along the supply chain.    

When your high-value or perishable assets are in transit, they become more vulnerable to damage and loss. To protect your assets—and your business—you need to stay in control of these items, no matter where they are.

Critical Asset Tracking is a smarter way to manage your assets as they move along the logistics channel. It is a solution that lets you proactively monitor an asset’s location and condition in near real time, giving you greater control over your inventory and better piece of mind.

What is Critical Asset Tracking?

Critical Asset Tracking lets you monitor what’s happening with your assets including their location —so you can know when you need to take action to avoid loss and damage. It gives you detailed visibility insights right from the office.

How does Critical Asset Tracking work?

Critical Asset Tracking combines an advanced, multi-sensor tracking device, LTE connectivity and a management platform that lets you proactively monitor in-transit assets using an easy-to-use portal. You can see asset location, track asset environmental condition and easily collect data pre-correlated with asset location.

Helping keep food safe

How can a sensor the size of a nickel help prevent food poisoning? With the advanced Verizon network, you have the ability to securely track and measure data like temperature changes, humidity and location in near real time. Helping protect foods, medication and the global food chain.

Features & benefits    

Critical Asset Tracking helps keep you connected and informed, so you have the insight you need to improve inventory tracking.

  • Location tracking. Know where assets are within the supply chain
  • Environmental monitoring. Track conditions including temperature, humidity, tilt, vibration and shock
  • Asset alerts. Get near real-time notifications when conditions change beyond an acceptable point
  • Data collection. Obtain data that helps you address compliance with regulations, e.g. Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) requirements

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