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Great collaboration starts with basic communication.

Build a better path to communication

What do employees need to be successful? It’s a question IT can and should answer to improve productivity and engagement company-wide. Sharpen your focus on employee experience for collaboration outcomes that energize your organization.

  • 10 best practices to consider before purchasing and deploying collaboration technologies

    Make work connectivity more personal.

    Technology alone can’t power collaboration. Discover the keys to choosing the right solution, and set up your company for long-term success.

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  • Brilliant customer experiences start with IT delivering exceptional employee experiences

    Focus on employees, first.

    Achieve your customer experience goals by removing common barriers to employee communication. 

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Learning from Shadow IT

Shadow IT is a symptom and cause of poor experiences. When undiagnosed, it can weaken security, fragment data and create siloed efforts. But with the right awareness, you can turn it into a catalyst for improved communication, collaboration and new business ideas. 


What creates shadow IT? Discover how it happens, why it puts your customer and employee data at risk, and how you can prevent it.


Can Shadow IT be a source of innovation? Turn it to your advantage to improve experiences for your employees—and your customers.


Remove barriers to employee productivity by unifying your data and establishing a single source of truth.