Capitalize on a Data-Driven World

Capitalize on a Data-Driven World with Healthcare Data Analytics

Transform care and spur growth with intelligent connectivity.

Leaders in the healthcare industry are using mobile, machine-to-machine (M2M) and Internet of Things (IoT) technologies to redefine member services, improve productivity and seize new opportunities. Find out what intelligent connectivity can do for your organization.


Unlock the innovation inside your health data.

Enhancing care, gaining efficiencies and managing costs requires better connections between people, devices and information. But that’s just the start. To fully achieve enterprise goals you need to capitalize on the healthcare data behind those connections.

Enterprise-wide digital transformation services from Verizon will unleash deep, analytics-driven insights that can streamline and automate organizational processes, and enable you to deliver personalized services to members and patients.

Use case example: Gain Efficiencies and Improve Care Using Big Data

Access information as it’s needed, on reliable and secure devices.

Healthcare providers can gain a competitive edge with smarter networking, devices and logistics.

A large healthcare provider wants to make its mobile caregivers more efficient in order to help improve patient care and remain competitive in the home care industry. The provider’s strategy of assigning caregivers to patients based on workload—not taking into account caregiver specialty or appointment time frames and locations—was not meeting the needs of either group. Additionally, caregivers were required to submit several manual reports following each patient visit, slowing down the process even more.

The Verizon Electronic Visit Verification (EVV) solution delivers an easy way to track and monitor home care visits and patient services. This can also help providers address the 2020 and 2023 EVV mandates for Medicaid programs.

By deploying our Workforce Management solution, healthcare providers can speed up and streamline communications processes. Workforce Management simplifies communications because it includes an electronic mobile forms app for use with 4G LTE devices and a Mobile Device Management solution.

In addition, Verizon Intelligent Locator can help improve how providers manage logistics and collect data on assets and staff workflow. With Intelligent Locator, the provider can keep track of and manage high-value equipment, supplies and inventory. Caregivers can locate the equipment they need when they need it, and quickly and more effectively connect doctors with patients.

The provider can also expand its IoT portfolio using Verizon ThingSpace to develop, manage and market a healthcare-device monitoring solution.

  • Verizon lowers the barrier of entry to Internet of Things.

    See how LTE Cat-1 and LTE Cat-M1 can help you deploy secure, scalable, cost-effective IoT solutions across your enterprise.

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Use case example: Revolutionize Patient Care with Mobility and IoT Solutions

A better experience for your patients

Personalize care with mobility and IoT solutions.

A large home healthcare provider needs to find ways to improve patient care and experience. Remote patient care allows health providers to deliver services and information via mobile technologies—across town and around the country. Similarly, healthcare connected devices on the Internet of Things (IoT), such as vital sign monitoring, patient activity tracking and other wearables allow patients to recover at home, helping reduce hospital stays. With the goal of improving how hospital equipment is used and kept track of, the healthcare provider can deploy Asset Management solutions, giving the organization near real-time information about vital assets. And using Verizon Connect, the organization can monitor fleet resources and identify driver performance problems.

  • Transform your network for a healthier digital prognosis.

    Digital transformation in healthcare

    “Sixty-five percent of healthcare organizations believe they’re vulnerable to digital disruption. And that’s putting an onus on them to accelerate their digital efforts.”

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  • Healthcare: how the Internet of Things is changing the game

    From monitoring patients in the home to tracking equipment throughout a hospital and batches of drugs through the supply chain, the Internet of Things (IoT) is helping providers increase the access and efficiency of care to people around the world.

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    The 2018 Data Breach Investigations Report uncovers the biggest threats your sector faces and how you can prioritize your defenses effectively.

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