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The hybrid network. Future-ready.

The network is foundational to successful digital business. Your enterprise needs the right combination of connectivity, traffic management, and security to enable your application strategy. Our innovative hybrid network solutions are designed to transform your network to support your biggest initiatives and open the doors for new opportunities.

Are you ready?

Unify and transform your network with hybrid network solutions tailored to your needs.

As your network needs evolve, you’ll need to process more data, with more bandwidth and advanced security. Our suite of hybrid network solutions can maintain strong application performance and cloud connectivity so you can transform your business and deliver dynamic, consistent experiences to your customers. 

A consultative approach, driven by industry expertise.

Future-ready your network capabilities with our comprehensive hybrid connectivity solutions. We’re well qualified to advance your performance with the tools and expertise needed for business growth.


of businesses are expected to pilot or deploy SDN over the next two years1


of the enterprises will execute the majority of their workloads in and across clouds in less than three years2


of companies say SDN will enable them to design, deploy, manage and scale networks more quickly3

Streamline performance and management with our future-ready solutions.

  • Comprehensive Hybrid Connectivity

    Reliable, global network backbone with
    speeds up to 100G; supporting the
    Verizon Private IP (MPLS-based VPN),
    SD-WAN, Internet Dedicated (Internet),
    and E-Line (Ethernet) services.

  • Innovative Software Defined Technology

    Virtual Network Services (VNS)
    that offer the ability to rapidly
    provision services such as SD
    WAN and security using a
    centralized orchestration engine.

  • Extensive Network and Data Security

    Discover our solutions
    interconnectingyour locations
    with major public and private
    cloud providers in multiple

  • Expert Transition and Transformation

    With over 25 years of deep
    experience managing customer
    networks and a comprehensive
    technology partner ecosystem,
    we are well qualified to migrate
    and transform your most critical
    business infrastructure. 

Enterprises are already leveraging hybrid networks with our help. 

Your network has unique demands, so your solutions need to be tailored to your circumstances. We partner with you to help design, build, implement and secure the right network configurations, and we can manage it all as your business application usage and deployments evolve.

1The number of businesses piloting or deploying SDN will increase to 57% over the next two years. Source: Based on a survey of 165 senior IT leaders by Longitude, a Financial Times company.

2In two to three years, it is expected that 50-60% of all enterprise workloads will execute in and across clouds.” Source: 451 Research: Hyper distributed cloud computing: What it is and the technology needed to control it (published January 2018)

3Longitude, a Financial Times company  -  SDN Adoption report    https://enterprise.verizon.com/resources/reports/sdn-adoption/