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Wireless Backup Solutions

Use Case

Protect your business from costly disruptions with Verizon Wireless Business Continuity solutions.

Businesses—especially those with multiple locations—thrive when they can efficiently manage the flow of information between offices, while keeping overhead costs low. Like most businesses today, a leading beauty franchise with over 10,000 locations worldwide looked for ways to reduce expenses in its North American chain. With each site accessing the network and Internet through separate DSL lines, this was costing the company more than $100 per store per month.

Wireless backup Business Continuity solutions give you fast, secure and seamless connections to the people, information and systems that matter most.

After assessing the situation, the Verizon sales representative proposed the franchise use wireless as a primary connection to uncover significant potential savings over what it was currently paying for DSL at many store locations. Working closely with Verizon to test a range of wireless routers, the client ultimately went with the recommendation that included Cisco® wireless routers and the reliability and extensive coverage of the Verizon 4G LTE network—and initially rolled out the solution to 100 storefronts.

Now, with wireless 4G LTE service as a primary connection, these stores have excellent coverage and are saving money each month. Increased flexibility allows the franchises to efficiently distribute and receive information—reports, sales summaries, marketing data—swiftly and securely across multiple locations. Wireless routers also help protect the stores against downtime due to downed phone lines. That means each location can continue to do business as usual, even when other stores around them have lost their network connections.

Wireless backup routers let you keep working without interruptions even when primary network connections aren’t available.

Business Continuity solutions help keep your business up and running with wireless backup.

When the power unexpectedly goes out, or landlines go down, many businesses grind to an abrupt halt. And that can mean lost sales opportunities, missed deadlines, possible penalties and dissatisfied customers—all of which impact revenue flow. Verizon Wireless offers a range of Business Continuity solutions that give you fast, secure and reliable wireless backup to the people, information and systems that matter most, whether you’re in the midst of a disaster or a simple downed phone line.

  • Protect your business or agency from costly disruptions.
  • Stay connected to the Internet, as well as private voice and data networks, when wired connections are unavailable.
  • Continue serving customers and constituents and generating revenue, even during a primary access outage.
  • Maintain a reliable backup or extend network coverage for business locations, including triage sites, disaster areas, branch offices, retail stores, warehouses, banks or mall outlets.

Wireless backup Business Continuity solutions boost resilience, so you stay operational even during wireline failures.

Every industry and agency can benefit from a Verizon Wireless Business Continuity solution. Here are just a few examples:


In the competitive financial world, even a few minutes of downtime can prove catastrophic. Transactions can be lost, opportunities missed and reputations tarnished. A Business Continuity solution can help you maintain the ability to process payments and transactions, seize opportunities and respond quickly to customer needs.


It’s when disaster strikes that your customers need you the most. A wireless backup Business Continuity solution helps you maintain voice, data and Internet connections as usual, even with down phone lines. Private Network with 4G LTE and wireless routers can also provide secure, reliable and cost-effective connectivity at temporary sites, so you quickly provide assistance when and where it’s needed.

Public safety

In an emergency situation, you’ve got to be ready, no matter what. Business Continuity solutions help your agency maintain top-level communications, even when wireless networks are down or congested during a crisis. Wireless connectivity also means that first responders have reliable, 24/7 remote access to dispatchers, decision makers and online and back-end databases, so they can act more quickly and make better-informed decisions on the scene.


Consumers expect seamless, quick transactions, whether they’re buying online or in the store. And the vast range of shopping choices available today makes it critical for retail businesses to stay up and running, since even minutes of downtime can mean lost customers and sales. Reliable service creates loyal customers, and Business Continuity solutions from Verizon deliver the reliability that will keep customers coming back.

Wireless backup routers can also serve as primary network connections for retail opportunities in temporary locations, such as fairs, parking lot sales and sporting events.

Verizon wireless backup Business Continuity solutions provide seamless automatic failover when wirelines fail, helping to prevent loss of revenue, perishable inventory, productivity and reputation.

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