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ICS Security Services

Our RISK team can help you assess and strengthen your organization’s cyber and physical security posture.

Get expert ICS Security help to protect systems and infrastructure from cyber attacks.

Critical Infrastructure Protection/Cyber Security (CIP/CS)

Foreign and domestic cyber actors can exploit new enterprise network endpoints to gain entry to critical infrastructure networks around the globe.

They target the computer control systems that operate chemical, electrical and water plants and other critical infrastructure assets. These attacks are growing more sophisticated, targeted and prevalent and are designed to exploit, disrupt, degrade or destroy your sensitive corporate and customer data.

Discover ICS security measures you can take to help mitigate the impacts of a cyber attack.

We’ll assess your security strengths and potential gaps to help you strengthen your cyber and physical security posture.


Enhance your ICS security posture

The Verizon VTRAC team’s Critical Infrastructure Protection/Cyber Security (CIP/CS) practice helps owners of networks and industrial control systems (ICS) assess and strengthen their organization’s cyber and physical security posture. The VTRAC team can also help you quickly investigate and address system breaches and cyber attacks. Through a leveled system including the U.S. Department of Homeland Security Cyber Security Evaluation Tool (CSET) and on-site consultation, we’ll assess your security strengths and potential gaps across the spectrum of “Prepare, Predict, Prevent, Respond, Recover and Restore.” Discover measures you can take to help mitigate the impacts of a cyber attack with:

  • Cyber and physical incident response support and analysis
  • Physical and cyber security assessment of existing systems
  • Policies, standards, procedures and guidelines documentation and review
  • Incident response and security awareness training for staff personnel and contractors
  • ICS security review and consulting for network architecture
  • Access control analysis and consulting
  • Component hardening
  • System and component procurement security consulting
  • Mock incident testing, including walk-through or tabletop design and facilitation

We also offer services for digital forensics, fraud-trend analytics, electronic data recovery, malcode analysis, e-discovery, underground custom intelligence and litigation support.

Case study

The Verizon RISK CIP/CS team was called upon to determine if a northeastern natural gas utility had been negatively affected by a breach of a SCADA vendor’s network. Within days of a signed contract, Verizon experts were in place and on site, performing technical reviews, system analysis and interviews for several days. After a completed assessment, it appeared the utility had not been violated via the SCADA vendor’s connection.


Expertise beyond assessments

With our in-depth experience in the areas of ICS security and critical infrastructure protection, our RISK CIP/CS team can provide your organization on-site training and orientation. Training includes ICS security courses ranging from a two-hour orientation for senior executives to day-long classes for operations technology staff.


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