Verizon 5G Edge frequently asked questions

Announcing Verizon 5G Edge

What are we announcing?

We are announcing Verizon 5G Edge, the first mobile edge compute (MEC) platform available for businesses in the U.S. It brings together Verizon’s 5G Ultra Wideband network and Amazon Web Services (AWS) to create the 5G network edge. By integrating AWS compute capacity and cloud services within the edge of Verizon’s 5G network, we are enabling customers to bring to market increasingly complex and transformative use cases that were previously untenable or impossible.


Why is Verizon the right network partner? +

Verizon provides extensive expertise in building, maintaining and operating networks and remotely managing hundreds of millions of devices. We invest billions of dollars every year so that our networks are ready for demands the future will place on them. It’s why 97% of the Fortune 500 count on us to help their enterprises thrive. Other advantages include:

  1. The right 5G network
    Verizon 5G Ultra Wideband is paving the way for a new era of business innovations with ultrafast speeds with ultralow lag time.
  2. Virtualized from core to edge
    Having virtualized the core of its network, Verizon is also taking significant steps forward in virtualizing the RAN edge and moving computing functionality to the edge of the network. This is what makes edge on demand possible.
  3. Network density
    Edge computing is all about location, and Verizon has made a significant build out of service access points. Plus, Verizon’s vision for building out fiber, small-cell technology and other network densification efforts have put it at the forefront of meeting next-generation application requirements. For example, in order to build the best 5G network we’re using enough optical cable to wrap the earth 500 times.
  4. Millimeter wave spectrum
    5G Ultra Wideband also leverages millimeter wave spectrum, which can deliver massive amounts of data quickly and should eventually offer less than 10 ms end-to-end response times—which means 4X+ better latency performance than 4G.
  5. Reliable Quality of Service
    As a modern network, Verizon 5G embeds security protocols that help ensure your user and development environments are secure, while managing the quality of your user experiences based on user type or policy service levels. You now have a solution that offers you a better alternative to Wi-Fi: high speeds, greater security and quality of service controls.


What benefits will Verizon 5G Edge offer? +
  1. Improve performance with super-low latency. 
    Edge computing removes the latency that comes with compute and storage residing at faraway data centers. Since speed is the requirement and promise of transformation projects, Verizon 5G Edge has the potential to reduce application response times and performance latency. 
  2. Activate near real-time data. 
    Data is the new differentiator; the faster and better you are able to harness, process, analyze, and use data, the clearer the advantage. Data can be gathered and acted on closer to where it’s created, which can result in greater performance, contextually aware applications and improved security. 
  3. Gain new efficiencies. 
    With Verizon 5G Edge, when you design applications to process, aggregate, and act on data at the point where it’s collected instead of sending everything to a regional data center, you are able to improve efficiencies. Only the data that needs to be sent to a regional data center is sent there. 
  4. Align mobile and cloud strategies. 
    Verizon 5G Edge offers connectivity and device management solutions that enable you to plan your mobile and cloud strategies together. 
  5. Realize the full potential of the Internet of Things. 
    The right approach is critical to meeting the rapid expansion of IoT, which is where Verizon 5G Edge comes in. It can even address IoT challenges such as energy use and battery life. 
  6. Deliver the promise of transformation. 
    Verizon 5G Edge can enable new applications across many industries—improving customer experiences, creating new efficiencies, etc. It can help realize more responsive AI use cases, such as object recognition. 
  7. Enable security and reliability across your business.
    Resources at the edge help you localize data, improving security and helping to execute data management strategies.


Are you looking for pilot partners? +

Yes. We are absolutely interested in working with customers on Verizon 5G Edge pilots. Ideal partners would have a use case where latency requirements impact the user experience of a distributed user base. Speak with your account team for more information.

What is driving this opportunity? +

Think about this: The edge enables a huge range of possibilities—next-generation augmented and virtual reality, high-powered AI capabilities where they’re needed, and ultra-low latency applications across nearly every industry.


What use cases are possible with Verizon 5G Edge? +

While we believe all industries can benefit from Verizon 5G Edge, there are a number of industry use cases represented below. 

Verizon 5G Edge will lead to new ways for enterprises to drive efficiency and enhance customers’ experience with solutions such as mixed-reality shopping, intelligent manufacturing, low-latency cloud gaming, and real-time enterprise, which are all dependent on computing functions at the edge. Some of the possibilities include:

  • Distribution and supply chain: Global distribution and supply chain leaders like Amazon can benefit from real-time supply chain solutions that combine our MEC platform with end-to-end visibility and control from production to consumption 
  • Retail: Retailers can use 5G Edge to implement granular product tracking, create immersive experiences, automate points of service (POS) and gather insights on in-the-moment customer behavior 
  • Gaming: Online gaming companies can use super-low latency for great, immersive experiences and economies of scale 
  • Public safety: Verizon 5G Edge will empower first responders with essentially near real-time analytics to aid in serving and protecting their communities


Where can I learn more? +

We encourage you to visit to learn more about Verizon 5G Edge.