Smart gas meter and natural gas systems

With demand for natural gas on the rise, utilities are looking to the Internet of Things (IoT) to proactively monitor aging infrastructure. Our smart gas solution offers an integrated IoT approach with near real-time data that can help transform your natural gas system.

Smart gas meters, backed by the power of IoT

Verizon Grid Wide Utility Solutions: Intelligent Gas makes it easy to get started, with a fully managed, scalable, secure, cloud-based IoT platform-as-a-service (PaaS) model. It’s a cost-effective, efficient way to modernize your natural gas system with smart gas metering and distribution monitoring and control using a single platform, which means you control how much and when you upgrade your natural gas system management infrastructure.

Intelligent Gas solutions include:

  • Smart gas metering

    • Remotely configure, monitor, manage and control gas delivery system devices to help manage billing, operational meter and sensor data, and improve customer service
    • Quickly detect issues with consumption, anomalies, tamper, flow and pressure
    • Access scheduled and on-demand data, and receive event alerts and notifications
  • Distribution monitoring and control

    • Identify delivery system anomalies and isolate issues to help reduce service disruptions 
    • Monitor performance and upgrades based on usage versus time
  • Integrated reporting, dashboards and analytics

    • Increase insight into your gas system
    • Take a proactive approach to asset management and maintenance
    • Support conservation efforts
  • Security infrastructure services

    • Implement public key infrastructure (PKI) and preshared key (PSK) services
    • Provision digital identity of managed devices
    • Manage digital signing and authenticity services

Smart efficiency: Grid Wide IoT Gateway

With the Verizon Grid Wide IoT Gateway, you can take advantage of an integrated solution for smart gas metering with point-to-multipoint communication to service and collect data from multiple gas meters and sensors. The Grid Wide IoT Gateway supports open standards and technologies, with open interfaces that provide support for proprietary gas-meter-reading protocols and a wide range of radio modulations and frequencies. The Grid Wide IoT Gateway solution provides utilities with an extensible open-standards-based solution that helps avoid proprietary technology lock-in. Best of all, intelligent gas solutions let you pay as you go. You can focus on problem areas first, and upgrade services as you need them.