Intelligent Water Supply System

The more you know about your water-supply system operations, the better. Our intelligent water platform delivers actionable data in near real time to help you improve efficiencies and conservation efforts.

Make every drop count.

Getting started managing your water supply system is quick and easy. Verizon Grid Wide: Intelligent Water is a fully managed, scalable, secure, cloud-based IoT platform-as-a-service (PaaS) model, which means you control how much and when you upgrade your public water-supply system management infrastructure.

Intelligent Water solutions include:

  • Smart water metering

    • Remotely configure, monitor, manage, control and read utility distribution-network devices to help manage billing and operational meter and sensor data, and to improve customer service for your water supply system
    • Identify anomalies in your public water-supply system to help detect leaks, high usage, no flow and reverse flow in near real time to repair and restore service more quickly
    • Access water-resource management data, whether scheduled or on demand, and receive event alerts and notifications
  • Distribution monitoring and control

    • Collect water-supply system data remotely and wirelessly to help improve service reliability, supply quality and proactive maintenance
    • Quickly detect, identify, locate and isolate issues to help reduce impact
    • Remotely monitor intelligent water system equipment to help extend its life span
  • Integrated dashboards, analytics and reporting

    • Increase insight to boost water management efficiency
    • Detect leaks, high usage, reverse flow and no-flow events to help protect water supply quality and lower nonrevenue water
    • Support conservation efforts
  • Security infrastructure services

    • Implement public key infrastructure (PKI) and preshared key (PSK) services
    • Provision digital identity of managed devices
    • Manage digital signing and authenticity services



Smart efficiency: Grid Wide IoT Gateway

We can save you the complexity of building out your own intelligent water systems by integrating all of the essential hardware, software, open and proprietary protocols, and LTE network components into a single cloud-based PaaS solution. The smart metering software components and Grid Wide IoT Gateway hardware are fully operated and managed within the Verizon cloud and integrated with the required Verizon 4G LTE low-power wide area (LPWA) network operational support and business support systems. These integrated components and systems provide reliable, scalable, measurable, end-to-end secure network connectivity between the networked smart meters and the Grid Wide Smart Metering service.