Mobile job site solutions

Bring the office to the job site with Mobile Workforce Management solutions.

The key to success in construction? Deliver projects on time and on budget. Get projects off the ground faster with Mobile Workforce Management solutions that improve communication at the office and the job site.

  • Why wait to install wired communications on site when mobile solutions can get your crews working on day one? Quickly connect your devices, office locations and workers—where and when they’re deployed, with Construction Site solutions.

    With Mobile Workforce Management solutions, you can:

    • Quickly connect remote sites with wireless Construction Site solutions.
    • Improve communication between work crews and project managers.
    • Prevent project delays from time-consuming wireline installations.

Core Technologies

Discover the solutions that drive technology and professional services organizations.

  • Networks and Advanced Communications

  • Share data securely and reliably across your all your job sites. Using our global networks, your workers can access project information in real time, 24x7, which helps speed up the decision-making process to save time.

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  • Mobility

  • Keep your field workers connected to real-time information and important business applications. Mobile devices, such as smartphones and tablets, help you improve the planning and control of construction projects, plus increase workers’ ability to connect and communicate.

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  • Internet of Things

  • Streamline your operations and automate your project workflows. Machine-to-machine technology from Verizon helps you track assets, manage site and material logistics, and monitor equipment deployed remotely at job sites.

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  • Security

  • Mitigate risks and safeguard your organization’s reputation. We offer a number of security services, backed by proactive intelligence and professional expertise, to help protect and secure your devices and data.

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  • Drive better Business Outcomes By Enhancing Collaboration

    Give your workers greater flexibility, while helping to improve teamwork and connectivity.

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