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When the City of Kansas City revitalized its downtown by building a new multi-use arena and a streetcar rail system that connected once-discrete neighborhoods, their success presented a different set of challenges  with the creation of a streetcar rail system.

  • How to manage the influx of traffic and visitors
  • How to convert inefficient and costly lighting to energy efficient lighting and controls
  • How to better predict traffic and road hazards to keep citizens moving and safe
  • Goal is to provide solutions to make Kansas City the most connected city


Intelligent Lighting and Intelligent Video solutions help pave the way for a smarter Kansas City. These solutions provided:

  • Customized, energy-efficient lighting
  • Traffic safety analytics and congestion patterns
  • Pedestrian and vehicle counts
  • Parking availability
  • Analytics extrapolation to help predict road hazards


Verizon Smart Communities solutions helped Kansas City support initiatives for managing roadways, utilities and transportation systems.

  • Installed safety mechanisms at intersections with visual and audio alerts
  • Helped to predict where road hazards  are most likely to happen
  • Reduced the time it takes people to search for parking
  • Decreased lighting energy costs
  • Increased ability for citizens to feel safer

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