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  • There are two sides to every story. SaaS is no different.

    You can gain from subscription-based cost-efficiency, but will your employees get the performance they need?

    And what’s the point of easy access from virtually anywhere on your devices, if your data security is compromised in transit?

    Apps that are always bang up to date? Great. But does your IT team have the skills to integrate multiple cloud-based systems with your existing in-house infrastructure?

    Read our report to find out how you can gain the benefits while dodging the pitfalls.

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The challenge of
Network Performance
  • Give your cloud-first strategy a fighting chance.

    Moving more apps to the cloud means more traffic, so you need to think agile.

    Software-defined networking (SDN) can transform your organisation. It scales smartly to handle bandwidth-hungry cloud apps, helping maintain consistent performance.

    Read our report to see how SDN can power your network and your people.

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  • Is SDN right for your business?

    Use our SDN ROI calculator to estimate how your organisation could benefit from our managed software-defined WAN service.

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The challenge of
The challenge of
  • Seamless transition to SaaS? You’ll need skill.

    Moving to SaaS can mean a new set of challenges for the most agile of IT departments. Does anyone in the team have the expertise to integrate apps with your current systems and databases? How familiar are they with APIs?

    To make a smooth transition to cloud-based apps and provide an excellent user experience, you need the right tools and resources.

    Read our report to give your team the skills base they need to make SaaS a success.

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  • Accelerate your digital transformation journey.

    Sign up for our free workshop to discover how you can create a truly agile and scalable IT environment fit for cloud-based apps.


The challenge of
Enterprise Security
The challenge of
Enterprise Security
  • Fly high in the cloud, but keep security grounded.

    No new technology comes without challenges. You just need to know what you’re dealing with.

    Some answers to key questions around data storage, app access and compliance can help you mitigate risk and maintain business continuity.

    Read our report to discover how to secure your data in the cloud.

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  • Do your defences need reinforcement?

    Register for one of our security health checks and we’ll identify your strengths and vulnerabilities, enabling you to seize your digital opportunities with confidence.


Touch A Challenge to Explore
  • Starting your digital transformation journey?

    Beginning your digital journey may seem daunting. Find out why digital transformations fail and what IDC has identified as the main obstacles and challenges.

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  • See digital transformation
    in action.

    Read case studies on how enterprises in industries such as manufacturing, retail and travel have solved some of their biggest challenges and the outcomes they have realized from working with Verizon.

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  • Can your network handle your employee and customer expectations?

    Discover how Verizon SD WAN solutions can enable your transformation, build your business case and calculate the return on your investment.

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