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Learn more about how better information leads to smarter use of resources, helping create safer, more sustainable places.

Verizon Smart Cities Solutions

Innovations in machine-to-machine (M2M) technology—essentially, the Internet of Things—and wireless networks are helping public and private organizations gain better insight into the needs of their communities. Equipped with accurate and near real-time information, cities will be able to develop strategies to improve their infrastructure, plan for long-term growth, create more energy efficient environments, and keep people safe.

To fully realize the potential of these new smart technologies, however, organizations must be able to adopt them without increasing management burdens or going over budget. Verizon Smart Cities solutions are cost effective and rapidly deployed, helping many communities use their resources more efficiently and enhance the quality of life for their citizens.

Verizon Smart Cities solutions focus on public safety, energy management, and transportation initiatives.

Traditionally, the various systems that serve a community—from government, energy, utilities, transportation, building management, and more—have operated more or less independently, making it difficult to view or determine logical ways to improve overall efficiencies. Verizon Smart Cities solutions deliver visibility across these varied, and important, elements of the community.

Using those smart city solutions insights, you can manage resources holistically and prioritize changes to meet your community’s most pressing needs. Whether you help oversee a major metropolitan area or a small town, run a multinational corporation or a chain of franchises, your challenges might be unique but the goals you can achieve are the same. Verizon Smart Cities solutions can help you improve the use of your resources and create better places for people to live, work, and play.

Managing your resources

Smart technologies can help you operate efficiently and control costs by delivering near real-time data on the performance of your infrastructure. Continuous, around-the-clock monitoring delivers timely information so that you can deploy resources more accurately and respond to community needs faster. Verizon Smart Cities solutions can help you:

  • Promote public safety and security by giving first responders and others vital information about incidents, and whether personnel are en route or on site.
  • Manage energy and control carbon emissions by monitoring buildings’ HVAC and lighting systems; reduce unnecessary use and provide timely maintenance.
  • Cut congestion by monitoring and controlling traffic lights; alerting drivers of traffic delays; and providing smart parking solutions that identify available spaces.
  • Improve water and power management by providing utility companies with analytics on supply and demand, or system waste.

Today, Verizon smart cities solutions can:

  • Inform drivers about traffic congestion and offer alternate routes.
  • Help companies analyze water and power consumption to improve efficiency.
  • Notify public transportation dispatchers about trip conditions and better serve commuters.
  • Provide security monitoring and smart lighting to help create safer streets.
  • Provide public safety personnel with access to the information they need.

Improving quality of life

A smarter city isn’t just about the technology. In fact, it’s designed to consider the human factor in your community or organization. Our smart city solutions help simplify many common, day-today activities for people. They can also help keep citizens safe and informed when they’re on the go, which, in the past, could prove challenging. Verizon Smart Cities solutions provide reliable access to the information and services people need. For example, you can:

  • Develop wireless payment processing for public services, such as parking meters, bus and rail, and toll roads. A custom app for smartphones and tablets can also securely accept credit card payments.
  • Install intelligent lighting that not only provides energy-efficient, on-demand light levels, but facilitates multi-functional communication. Concealed speakers supply emergency alert notifications and evacuation routing information, while image sensors provide ongoing video surveillance.
  • Provide first responders with critical information en route or at the scene of an incident. Multiple agencies can utilize dispatch services that include location assistance, hazardous materials maps, and evacuation routes for pedestrians and residents.

Ongoing opportunities for improvement

The ability to conserve vital resources and control the various costs of providing services will make your programs and initiatives more sustainable, now and in the future. Smart technology can help you scale resources and services in response to your community’s changing demands. And cities that adopt smart technology are better able to compete in the global market as well—attracting citizens, consumers, investors, and businesses that value the convenience and reliability of a supportive infrastructure.

Why Verizon

Our comprehensive portfolio of technology for smart city solutions can help you address a variety of specific challenges in your community. We’ve built a tightly integrated ecosystem of M2M and wireless network technologies that allow you to create a smarter city.


  • Smart Buildings
  • Condition-Based Monitoring
  • Remote Outage Notification
  • Smart Waste Management


  • Water Treatment
  • Water Management
  • Equipment Monitoring and Control
  • Hazardous Materials Emergency Response


  • Smart Parking
  • Parking Enforcement
  • Vehicle Detection
  • Mobile Payments
  • EV Charging


Public Safety

  • Video Surveillance
  • Remote Security Monitoring
  • Emergency Response Communications
  • Smart Streetlights
  • Mass Notifications

Verizon Smart Cities solutions are built on the largest 4G LTE network in the nation and our portfolio of technology solutions. We provide integrated networking, mobility, security, cloud, M2M, data management, and professional services to help your organization work more effectively.

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