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Smart Communities Solutions

Read how Verizon Smart Communities Solutions use IoT technology to help city planners tackle complex challenges that threaten livability and sustainability.

Better technologies change how we live, work and play.

Smart Communities solutions

As cities across the world grow bigger and more complex, they are facing new challenges. They have to maintain high standards of livability, resiliency and sustainability. Population growth has impacted city economies, housing and the workforce—but rapid urbanization is also straining resources and stretching budgets. To overcome these obstacles, city planners are turning to the Internet of Things (IoT) to help make systems and processes easier to manage and more efficient.

Verizon Smart Communities solutions help private and public sector planners use IoT technologies to help solve today’s biggest challenges—like energy management, intelligent traffic and transportation and public safety.

The Internet of Things makes city planning smarter.

In the past, the various systems that served a community operated independently, making it difficult to view or figure out the best ways to improve overall efficiency. Smart Communities technologies change all that. Using a powerful combination of advanced networking, cloud, security and device management tools, we can help you:

  • Get visibility across multiple elements of your community.
  • Use near real-time data to help you deploy resources more accurately.
  • Prioritize changes to meet your community’s most pressing needs.

Pave the way for a smarter city.

Verizon Smart Communities solutions help municipalities and organizations like yours quickly and cost-effectively support initiatives for managing roadways, utilities and transportation systems.

  • Intelligent Traffic Management provides tools and analytics to help customers see into their infrastructure to better manage the flow of traffic.
  • Verizon Intelligent Lighting uses smart technology in a city’s streetlights to regulate light levels based on the surrounding environment.
  • Verizon Intelligent Video with edge analytics makes it possible to get eyes on remote property and assets.

Connect to everything that matters.

From utilities to assets to transportation, our Smart Communities solutions make managing it all simpler.

  • Verizon Share delivers seamless self-serve auto rentals for your residents, with a customizable smartphone app and tools for monitoring and locating cars.
  • Verizon Grid Wide Utility Solutions help you modernize your grid infrastructure and drive incremental revenue, control operating costs and increase efficiency.
  • Verizon Connect combines GPS with patented telematics technologies to remotely track the status, location and condition of high-value vehicles and assets.

Smart communities

Smart Communities solutions from Verizon use IoT and wireless technologies to help you create more efficient and sustainable services for your community.

Keep ahead of your community’s demands.

With Smart Communities solutions, you can scale resources and services in response to your changing demands. That helps you stay more competitive in the global market—attracting new residents, consumers, investors and businesses that value the convenience and reliability of a supportive infrastructure.

$27.5B+ global spending on smart community technologies by 2023

Why Verizon

We own and operate the nation’s largest and most reliable 4G LTE network, as well as a tightly integrated ecosystem of IoT and wireless network technologies. This ecosystem is built on Verizon ThingSpace, a web-based, open development environment that becomes the “one pane of glass” for customers and developers to manage, develop and deploy IoT solutions. ThingSpace accelerates IoT adoption. In addition, our experts can help you develop tailored plans to use natural resources more efficiently, improve public safety, increase non-tax revenue, engage residents and advance urban renewal efforts.

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