Intelligent Cloud Control

Learn how you can improve app performance, control public cloud costs, and improve IT agility and efficiency with Verizon Intelligent Cloud Control.

Control Public Clouds For Better App Performance

Intelligent Cloud Control

Your business lives by its applications. But the performance you get from cloud service providers can vary widely, and finding the right mix of cloud resources can seem like a guessing game. To use public clouds effectively, you need a single place to evaluate and control application performance. You also need to automate the way you manage public clouds—so you can focus on improving business results.

It’s hard finding clarity in the cloud.

Keeping track of the many different options public clouds offer and what they cost is a huge task to manage. And that means your apps may not always perform the way you need them to. Departments across your organization may have put applications in the cloud and stopped watching them. This can lead to performance suffering or costs exploding. It’s time to take back control.

Controlling cost in the cloud is also a challenge. Cloud costs can soar if you’re paying for more licenses, CPUs or storage than you’re actually using. Cloud providers rarely list prices in the same terms, so you end up with unproductive apples-to-oranges comparisons.

In the end, your team can select what they think is the best financial option, but if customer experience deteriorates, would you know? To find out what you’ll really have to pay to scale your applications, you need a service that understands performance and cost.

Make smart cloud decisions, automatically.

Verizon Intelligent Cloud Control helps you generate intelligent decisions about which workloads to run on which public cloud services. These decisions are based on your specific performance, price and resource needs—all of which can be automated to make your job easier.

Get better peace of mind knowing Intelligent Cloud Control has your apps where they need to be.

Get a simple service backed by powerful technology.

Intelligent Cloud Control is software as a service powered by Turbonomic’s patented decision engine and multidimensional algorithms. It helps you to:

  • Improve application performance and stability with near real-time analytics of cloud resources.
  • Control public cloud costs through a dashboard that shows potential estimated savings, average spend per workload and total spend.
  • Improve IT agility and efficiency with single-click actions that spin up virtual machines in new or existing cloud deployments.

How it works

Getting set up with Intelligent Cloud Control is simple. The solution collects your credentials for these public cloud service providers —Amazon Web Services™, IBM® SoftLayer® and/or Microsoft® Azure®. You set your policies and your budgetary choices. You can set limits on the rate you want to pay or your total cloud spend. Intelligent Cloud Control offers secure, role-based access so only authorized users can adjust your policies.

Intelligent Cloud Control then looks at performance and historical trends to see if you have the right amount of storage, memory, input/output or processing. The solution recommends the best fit for each application—whether that means scaling on the app’s current platform or moving to another. It provides all of this information on a single dashboard or in reports so you can make smart decisions about where to run your applications.

Finally, your users access your cloud-based applications. That’s where your connection to the cloud becomes important.

Connect simply, reliably and securely.

To get the right application performance, you need the right cloud service provider and the right connection to that cloud. Intelligent Cloud Control helps you select the right service provider for your workloads. Our Secure Cloud Interconnect gives you flexible, secure connectivity to a growing ecosystem of cloud resources so you can benefit from all the business agility that the cloud provides.

By using Intelligent Cloud Control, you can control the performance of applications in many of the clouds you connect to via Secure Cloud Interconnect. You get a secure connection with bandwidth you can match to the needs of your applications, and you only pay for what you need. Together, these two solutions help you increase efficiency across your public clouds to help your organization obtain the results it needs for each cloud application.

Intelligence is power.

Great offers from cloud service providers are common, but a technology built to independently manage those providers isn’t. While each cloud provider offers a dashboard of its own, Intelligent Cloud Control gives you agnostic insight across a multi-cloud architecture. Get a holistic view and better peace of mind knowing your applications are running where they should be while helping drivie your business toward better results.

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