VNS - Solution Bundles   

Combine network services and functions into a single, executable package. 

Combine network services into one powerful package. 

Business agility is what all companies strive for. But many organizations don’t have the network functionality in place to perform  at the highest levels. Verizon’s Virtual Network Services (VNS) solution bundles combine network services and functions into a single, executable package. As a result, you can automatically deliver hardware and software functions together and easily scale resources up or down to adapt to your changing business needs.

Verizon has joined forces with leading technology providers to bring together this functionality, such as advanced routing, SD WAN, and security, into bundled package that you can easily deploy. Powered by Verizon Enterprise Orchestration, VNS solution bundles are available with a universal edge device or through the cloud, helping you go live faster. Now, you can reduce your network complexity, while increasing flexibility with functions delivered over one platform, on demand, when you need them. 

What are VNS solution bundles? 

Powered by Verizon Enterprise Orchestration, which delivers self-service tools and a centralized management portal, Verizon VNS solution bundles combine network services and functions into one simple-to-manage package. These bundles allow you to deliver hardware and software functions together and easily adapt to your evolving business needs. 

How do Virtual Network Services solution bundles work?

We take a mix of virtual network functions and bundle them together into a package called a “service chain” that can be delivered quickly. You can then use this chain as a software-only package that runs on existing hardware or you can host it on your network, which is then provisioned through the Verizon Enterprise Orchestration layer.

Network Orchestration Powers Digital Transformation

Learn how Verizon Enterprise Orchestration, together with Virtual Network Services (VNS), can help you get new network services to market quickly.

Features and benefits

With VNS Solution Bundles, you can automatically deliver various hardware and software functions together to improve your network agility and reduce complexity. Other features and benefits include: 

  • Automate. Improve the delivery of multiple virtual network connections and functions together
  • Save time. Decrease network deployment times
  • Perform. Better manage app performance 

  • Simplify. Reduce the potential for manual configuration errors


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