Connect to multiple clouds, securely and reliably.

Work in the cloud with confidence.

To amp up your cloud’s performance, you shouldn’t have to send your data and apps over unsecured public or expensive, fixed-bandwidth connections. And you should be able to rely on different providers for different needs. So what’s the solution for connecting to the cloud? Secure Cloud Interconnect.

Secure Cloud Interconnect helps you connect to our global ecosystem of leading Cloud Service Providers (CSPs) from your Verizon Private IP Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS)-based VPN network—simply, securely and reliably. Combined with the reliability, speed and diversity of our networks, it helps keep your cloud-based applications reliable and responsive to your business demands.

What is Secure Cloud Interconnect?

Our solution helps you take advantage of the best cloud resources for your applications by connecting multiple clouds from different providers with pre-provisioned, secure high-speed virtual connections. You can also combine it with other network services—including our Virtual Network Services—for a reliable integrated solution, to meet your needs.

How does Secure Cloud Interconnect work?

Secure Cloud Interconnect uses the high performance of our Private IP Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS)-based VPN network to securely and quickly link you to cloud service providers around the world. You no longer have to manage multiple point-to-point connections, and since traffic is fully separated from the public internet, you get greater visibility and control over your workloads.

Get the flexibility you expect from your cloud resources.

Use the power of MPLS to quickly establish secure and reliable connections to our global ecosystem of cloud service providers.

Secure Cloud Interconnect Video

Features and benefits

Secure Cloud Interconnect gives you on-demand scalable, flexible, and reliable access to cloud service providers across the globe with all the security of our Private IP network. 

  • Security. Keep data safe by keeping it completely separate from the public internet
  • Speed. Reduce deployment times with pre-provisioned access
  • Cost-efficiency. Pay for what you use with consumption-based pricing
  • Control. Establish connections quickly, get utilization reports and set threshold alerts


reduction in typical deployment times for new cloud connections


unique cities with access to cloud service providers


years managing customer networks

Seamlessly connect to a global ecosystem of technology partners and applications.

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