Digital Kiosk

Inform, engage and alert your community through our partners' interactive kiosks. 

Create connections that enrich your smart city and community.

People on the go want to stay connected to the things that are important to them. They want quick access to local information, such as transit schedules, wayfinding, guides to local businesses and more. And at Verizon, we’re driven to help people connect. That’s why we’re connecting you with our partner’s digital kiosks, designed to fit your unique city, transit, airport or mixed-use development needs. 

Digital kiosks can be an invaluable resource for residents and visitors alike. They can provide essential community information to keep people informed, engaged and connected, and help bridge the digital divide by providing secure, free Wi-Fi access. 

What is a Digital Kiosk?

Digital kiosks are communications hubs that connect people to important and useful information. Our partners' interactive kiosks can provide weather and emergency alerts, maps and hyperlocal community information about transit, restaurants, businesses and events. People can also access free Wi-Fi, local and emergency calling and mobile device charging.

How does a Digital Kiosk work?

Our partners' digital kiosks can include large, user-friendly touch screens, USB charging ports, key pads for making phone calls and two-way communications with a local 911 center. Built on tested technology and connected to a fiber network and Internet of Things (IoT) sensors, our partners' kiosks are valuable community resource centers, as well as launchpads for future smart-city apps.

Engage people with interactive content in key locations.

Placed in a city center, an airport terminal, a transit hub or a mixed-use development, digital kiosks can provide important information and convenient services, offered where and when they’re needed. Take a brief look at four of the top uses of our partners' digital kiosks.

The Heartbeat
of Smart Communities

Modern communities face modern challenges, including creating and maintaining high standards of livability, resiliency and engagement. With Smart Communities solutions, city leaders and planners are helping to transform their communities into centers of innovation and sustainable growth. See all that our smart technology can do for your community. 

Increase community engagement with our partners' Digital Kiosk.

Digital Kiosk serves up essential information and services to help people stay connected and engaged. A strategically placed interactive kiosk can help your community: 

  • Empower mobility. Connect people to mobile services when they’re on the go
  • Strengthen community. Build stronger relationships and support local businesses and events
  • Improve communications. Deliver near real-time public transportation options, as well as maps and directions
  • Maintain public safety. Become smart and safe, with quick connectivity to emergency services

Building smarter, more secure communities

Explore smart communities around the world.

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