Smart energy and smart energy meters

Energy and utilities companies are using advanced smart grid technologies, like smart energy meters, to modernize their aging infrastructures, increase efficiency and better control costs.

Smart grid modernization just got easier.

Modernizing your company’s infrastructure is easy with Verizon Grid Wide Utility solutions for smart energy. Using an Internet of Things (IoT)-based platform, we combine advanced smart energy metering technologies with service on the nation’s most-awarded 4G LTE network to give your business better performance and greater control. With smart energy tools, advanced analytics and near real-time reporting, you gain greater visibility and intelligent insights across your entire grid, helping you deliver services more efficiently, control costs, increase customer satisfaction and promote effective conservation efforts.

Verizon Grid Wide Utility solutions include:

    • Grid wide smart metering

      • Remotely manage billing and operational smarty energy meter data, service connections, service disconnections and meter programming
      • Pinpoint outages in near real time to help you restore service more quickly
      • Access data, whether scheduled or on demand in industry-standard formats, to monitor consumption and quality of supply, and detect events and failures in near real time
      • Automated alerts, to inform customers when defined thresholds exceed a certain level
    • Distribution monitoring and control (DM&C)

      • Collect smart energy information remotely and wirelessly—in near real time—to perform proactive maintenance and help improve service reliability and supply quality
      • Identify issues more quickly and decrease the length of outages and the number of affected customers
      • Remotely monitor equipment and other assets using smart energy meters to keep them up and running, extend their lifespans and make upgrades based upon service instead of time

Smart efficiency: Grid Wide IoT Gateway

We can save you the complexity of building out your own intelligent smart energy systems by integrating all of the essential hardware, software, open and proprietary protocols, and LTE network components into a single cloud-based PaaS solution. The smart energy metering software components and Grid Wide IoT Gateway hardware are fully operated and managed within the Verizon cloud and integrated with the required Verizon 4G LTE low-power wide area (LPWA) network operational support and business support systems. These integrated components and systems provide reliable, scalable, measurable, end-to-end secure network connectivity between the networked smart energy meters and the Grid Wide Smart Metering service.