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Insurance Technology

The insurance industry faces increased competition, often moderate growth and rising costs—all critical challenges, but ones that can be changed to opportunity. Insurance technology solutions can play a central role, helping you improve productivity, the way you gather data and how you interact with your customers.

  • Connect with customers to build better relationships.

  • A large part of your business is about assessing risk and responding to claims. New insurance technology solutions make it possible to help you control costs and improve productivity. We can show you how to do all of this while you give your customers even better service.

    Take the power of secure cloud-based solutions along with near real-time customer insights, and then add in mobility. This gives you ways to help improve efficiency while you respond quickly to what your customers need. You can also use insurance technology to tailor offers to customers and keep them loyal to your brand.

    How can you mitigate the biggest data breach risks in the insurance industry? Learn from our cybercrime investigations.
  • Competitive edge

    Give your business a competitive edge with insurance technology.

  • Many insurers are investing in insurance technology solutions to improve customer services and expand what they can offer.

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  • Reduce fraud

  • Fraud costs insurers billions of dollars every year and secure insurance technology solutions can help reduce the impact. They can help secure your data collection and make it easier to analyze statistical information.

  • Case studies

  • COR: Telepresence solutions help collaboration while you control travel costs.

Core Technologies

Discover the solutions that drive technology and professional services organizations.

  • Networks and Advanced Communications

  • In times of crisis, you need a network you can count on. With wireless backup and other continuity solutions from Verizon, you can seamlessly connect to the data and people you need to care for your customers.

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  • Mobility

  • Insurance is all about being in the right place at the right time to meet customer needs. With mobile apps and our far-reaching network, your team can work from anywhere, building customer confidence as you go.

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  • Internet of Things

  • Sometimes the simplest things can make a difference to your bottom line. Like placing self-service insurance kiosks in high-traffic locations—airports, college campuses, shopping malls and more.

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  • Security

  • As a trusted provider, you receive a wealth of personal information from your customers. Our technology and expertise can help keep that sensitive information safe.

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  • Go with a one-stop-shop integration partner.

  • Let us take on all your IT challenges around the world, while you run your business. We customize a portfolio of Verizon and top third-party technologies into one solution so you get better business results.

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