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Improve Healthcare Operational Efficiency

High-performing infrastructures drive high-performing healthcare.

Help your organization make the most of its resources—including people, devices and equipment—by investing in technology performance for healthcare operations. With customized infrastructure and services, you can control overall costs while meeting the demand for new digital initiatives and operational efficiency.


The right foundation can ease resource burdens and manage IT maintenance costs.

Across the healthcare sector, organizations are focused on driving down the cost of care, improving outcomes and expanding services to under-served patient populations. Which means hospitals and other healthcare businesses must address operational efficiency and infrastructure as a first line of defense. With help from Verizon, companies like yours are adopting next-generation network solutions that enable innovation in communication, virtualization and automation. The resulting ability to better manage bandwidth, mobile devices, personnel and assets, allows them focus on what they do best—providing superior care to patients and improved services to customers.

Use case example: Simplified Collaboration Speeds Approval and Controls Costs

Improve the way healthcare information is shared and address security compliance requirements.

Pharma company improves stakeholder collaboration and speeds time to market.

A global pharmaceutical company is slow in getting products to market due to an overly complex and disjointed clinical trial process, with both internal and external groups. To correct the issues and accelerate the drug testing and approval process, the company needs a partner who can help streamline data collection and improve information exchange between participating hospitals, investigators, laboratories, sponsors and trial participants.

Relying on Verizon services and expertise, the pharma company is able to create an environment of information exchange that combines high availability with on-demand scalability, and can confidently manage strict industry requirements. To add an additional layer of security, it can also implement Security Credentialing and Voice Cypher Ultra services. And for their mobile devices, they can select Wireless Private Network, which provides easy, secure access to data and information. The results can help the company reduce the time drugs spend working their way through the approval process, and control costs associated with those processes.

Use case example: Asset Tracking with IoT-enabled Devices

A connected, secure supply chain pays off with operational efficiency.

Pharma manufacturer gains insight and control over operational efficiency, and uncovers innovation.

A global pharmaceutical manufacturer is challenged with preserving product integrity—a critical need for its brand and its customers. It needs to maintain drug authenticity and protect its product against the elements, theft or damage while in transit. The company needs to know not only where those assets are during transit and transfer, but also what condition they are in.

By using Verizon’s Asset Management solution, the company is able to view near real-time updates on products in transit. During transport, Cold Chain IoT devices with advanced sensors monitor environmental factors, such as temperature, and track their location. Cold Chain capabilities were recently enhanced with the launch of LTE Category M1 (Cat-M1) technologies, which simplify the adoption of IoT solutions.

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