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View this set of white papers from Verizon and Boston Consulting Group that examines how business leaders can create the workplace of the future by integrating the right technology building blocks into their organization

    • Workplace of the future

      The way we work has been transformed by the COVID-19 pandemic. Learn what it takes to embrace the workplace of the future and what you need to do to enable remote work.


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  • How to lead differently in the workplace of the future

    With more than 30 million U.S. office workers working from home, our
    latest white paper explores the decisions that business owners need to
    make to help support a flexible working environment.


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Driving change together:
your DX journey

In this session, we examine the priorities for business leaders as they move from surviving the pandemic to thriving in the post-COVID world. We explore how you can make sense of – and find direction in – the new landscape.

Presented by: Antony Tompkins, Managing Partner, Global Integration Solutions, Verizon Business