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Verizon speaking sessions at RSA

See top security concerns from our experts’ points of view.

Our industry experts delivered a wealth of information about how you can successfully navigate the perfect storm of digital convergence, while creating meaningful and measureable risk mitigation.

  • Tuesday April 17

    11:40 a.m. – 12:10 p.m. | Trust as a Service—Beyond the Blockchain Hype

    Working with Blockchain technology already battle-hardened over a decade, Verizon and Guardtime have teamed to address cross-boundary, cross-border problems of data integrity, attribution and provenance at billion-event-scale, including for: critical infrastructure protection; digital, software and physical supply chain integrity; and audit and compliance.

    Stephen Cook: Global Solutions Executive, Verizon

    Stephen Cook is responsible for leading large networking and security transformation programs with enterprises and government agencies. His particular focus is in developing robust, global, carrier-grade solutions within stringent governance, risk and compliance requirements. Over recent years, Steve has emerged as Verizon’s lead for leveraging blockchain technology to solve for web-scale problems of data integrity, both internally within Verizon and externally with enterprise customers. He holds a Special Engineering Program degree from Brunel University.

    Matthew Johnson: Chief Technology Officer, Guardtime

    Matthew Johnson is responsible for shaping Guardtime’s technology strategy and engineering their next phase of growth for blockchain solutions in defense, telecommunications, industrial, financial services, and select enterprise ecosystems. His background is in mission assurance and strategic cyber programs. He served as Special Agent, Computer Intrusions for the Air Force Office of Special Investigations and holds a master’s degree in Information Assurance from Norwich University.

  • Thursday April 19

    8 a.m. – 8:45 a.m. | Building a Data-Driven Security Strategy.

    Data-driven security strategy from CISO to engineer adds vision to security spending beyond the news of the day. Reduce friction in your organization and more efficiently use your limited resources.

    Gabriel Bassett: Senior Information Security Data Scientist, Verizon

    Gabriel Bassett is the Senior Information Security Data Scientist on the Verizon Security Research team at Verizon Enterprise Solutions. Bassett specializes in data science, machine learning and graph theory applications to cybersecurity. He is the Lead Data Scientist and a Contributing Author of the Verizon Data Breach Investigations Report and Protected Health Information Data Breach Report. He has previously held cybersecurity risk management, testing, intelligence, architect and program management positions at the Missile Defense Agency and Hospital Corporation of America.

  • Thursday April 19

    9:15 a.m. – 10 a.m. | The Top Nine Factors for Effective Data Protection Controls.

    What is the global state of payment security and the value of compliance? Find out from Van Oosten’s geographic and vertical industry insights. Learn about the control management life cycle and how to measure control effectiveness.

    Ciske Van Oosten: Senior Manager, Verizon

    Ciske van Oosten is Senior Manager of the Global Intelligence division at the Security Assurance Consulting practice of Verizon. He is the Lead Author of the Verizon Payment Security Report, and a well-known speaker on compliance performance management. Van Oosten champions a radical rethink of data protection to cultivate effective security control by addressing the root cause of data compromises. He challenges, informs and entertains his audiences on many key issues of data protection, which stimulate out-of-the-box thinking to help organizations generate new strategies on data protection and compliance. Van Oosten holds a master’s in information security from the University of Liverpool, an honors degree in computer auditing and various industry qualifications.

  • Thursday April 19

    How Is Your Organization Handling API Security and Testing?

    An open discussion on how organizations are approaching and testing API security. What tools are being used? Is there a common approach to testing? Is the standardization of OpenAPI helping in security testing?

    Troy Bowen: Manager – IT Security Engineering, Verizon

    Troy Bowen has seen security from all viewpoints having served in the US Army and worked for major US corporations. As a Non-Commissioned Officer in the US Army he worked in telecommunications and information security, with his last posting at the National Security Agency. He managed the PKI/Digital Certificate Infrastructure for Bank of America before moving to Verizon where he leads the Application Vulnerability Testing team. His interests include reading, writing and spending time with his sons.