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DDoS Protection Service: DDoS Shield

Learn all about DDoS Shield, a robust DDoS protection service from Verizon Enterprise Solutions. Proper DDoS attack protection is more vital than ever.



Don’t be in denial. Get DDoS protection for today’s attacks.

DDoS Shield: DDoS Protection Service

Waiting is a thing of the past. Consumers expect businesses to always be available, so if you’re not, you risk lost revenue and worse: a damaged reputation. Any sign of an issue can cause customers to become concerned about their data, even if it hasn’t been affected. One of the attacks most likely to threaten your customers’ trust today is a distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attack.


Strengthen operational security with carrier-agnostic, highly scalable distributed denial-of-service defense.


When a DDoS attack strikes, a flood of traffic or packet requests overwhelms your systems and they become unavailable for the people that need them: your customers, partners and employees. At the same time, the trust your customers have in your security is weakened, potentially sending those customers to your competitors.

DDoS defenses help mitigate these attacks, but unfortunately, today’s DDoS attacks are different than those of the past. In the Verizon 2015 Data Breach Investigations Report (DBIR), our contributors reported twice as many DDoS attacks as they reported the previous year.1 These attacks now often involve higher volumes of traffic, as well as new targets such as VoIP/PBX systems, email servers and file shares, which can overwhelm most DDoS defenses. If you have global operations and a number of service providers, protecting yourself may seem impossible. It’s not.

Verizon DDoS Shield, a DDoS protection service, can tackle today’s high-volume DDoS attacks and work across your enterprise environment, helping you maintain your operations and achieve better peace of mind. Let us help you protect your reputation and maintain availability of your services for customers, partners and your workforce.

Protection across carriers

If you use a variety of service providers and carriers, setting up DDoS protection can be a challenge. Fortunately, DDoS Shield can protect your IP address space regardless of your internet service provider. No matter which network an attack comes over, you maintain routing control and activate our DDoS mitigation service when you need it.

Under the hood of strong DDoS mitigation

DDoS Shield is built on our highly scalable infrastructure within Verizon Digital Media Services. Using this foundation, we can provide hybrid, always-on mitigation. This method combines dedicated, locally deployed, fully managed mitigation appliances to detect and mitigate initial attacks with a cloud-based mitigation service. If the attack is large or complex enough, traffic can move to this cloud-based service.

The scale to match today’s attacks

In the 2015 DBIR, there was one reported attack as large as 325 Gbps, and massive attacks like this are getting more common. Attackers are using public cloud computing resources and millions of connected devices in the Internet of Things to create powerful botnets. Many DDoS defenses simply can’t handle this kind of volume, but DDoS Shield—built on top of Verizon Digital Media Services’ infrastructure—was developed expressly to combat these high-volume attacks. The service offers considerable capacity, and we’ll keep increasing it—providing plenty of muscle to lift the burden of today’s attacks off you.

Defense as a service

Most large-scale additions to your DDoS defense require specialized equipment and often a large team of experts. DDoS Shield is a hosted, cloud-based DDoS protection service, making it easy to deploy and helping you avoid new capital expenditures.


We understand DDoS attacks.
In fact, we crunched the numbers on more than 2,400 in our
2015 Data Breach Investigations Report.


Intelligence-driven security

DDoS attack protection isn’t just about brute strength—you need the right intelligence to know how to discern bad traffic from good. For more than a decade, we’ve engineered and operated a global platform that successfully detects and mitigates potential DDoS attacks. We continuously scan the traffic on our worldwide IP network—one of the world’s largest—for irregular patterns. With DDoS Shield, you get the security experts who have done all this working for you.

In a DDoS attack you risk loss of revenue and downtime, but the biggest danger may be to your reputation. Don’t give customers a reason to doubt the strength of your security defenses. Get DDoS mitigation services with the scale and sophistication to meet today’s attacks, protect your brand and keep your services and applications available to power your business.

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