Field Force Manager 

Maintain productivity and effectively
manage remote workers.

Get a candid, in-the-field view of your business.

When you have mobile workers, you need to know where they are and what’s getting done. You also need to be able to share information fast. Let Verizon Field Force Manager help you improve communication, productivity and efficiency in the field and in the office.

Field Force Manager empowers you to keep track of your mobile workforce using a web-based management app. This workforce management solution provides greater visibility into what’s happening and where, to help transform the way work gets done. 

What is Field Force Manager?

Field Force Manager delivers visibility into business operations and mobile workforces. From a centralized web console, you can help remote employees stay in touch and on top of their workdays, streamline information collection and simplify administrative processes. You’ll gain the insights you need to help boost productivity and grow your business. 

How does Field Force Manager work?

The Field Force Manager app allows you to assign jobs to employees’ mobile devices and view job details remotely. Its back-office integration automates processes and analyzes trends to help improve business operations. It also includes built-in reporting capabilities that track hours, locations, schedules and more. 

Manage teams more effectively.

Field Force Manager helps you connect remote employees to a workforce management solution that features back-office integration to important business systems and an easy-to-use, versatile mobile app. 

Features and benefits

When your employees use the Field Force Manager mobile app, they’ll gain access to powerful workforce management tools. These tools help you streamline communications and collect information in near real time—from any Verizon-enabled tablet or smartphone, including ruggedized devices.

  • Location services. See where drivers are, where they’ve been and how long they were there
  • Near real-time alerts. Receive alerts if drivers speed, enter or exit a geofence, or spend too much time at stops
  • Electronic paperwork. Record hours, view assignments and collect delivery signatures electronically  
  • Automated reporting. Capture and integrate data into back-end systems, including payroll and dispatch

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