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Intersection Safety Analytics

Helps maintain safety for pedestrians, cyclists and drivers with Intersection Safety Analytics.

Improve safety throughout your community.

Traffic fatalities and injuries remain a persistent and tragic issue across the country. Luckily, cities trying to improve safety and meet Vision Zero goals no longer have to rely on manually collecting traffic-accident data. Verizon Intersection Safety Analytics can give you the data you need to make your community safer. The solution also helps with traffic planning and congestion management .

We provide a hosted, software-as-a-service solution that makes it easy for you to get started with 24x7 data, so you can help pedestrians, bicyclists and drivers get where they’re going safely.

What is Intersection Safety Analytics?

Our hosted intersection-safety solution uses cameras and cloud-based software to give insights about your traffic’s volume, speed and direction. You get data on vehicles, pedestrians and cyclists, plus trends and historical data, so you can manage congestion, plan traffic improvements and measure progress on your Vision Zero goals.

How does Intersection Safety Analytics work?

The video nodes in our solution uses edge computing to transmit only relevant data. This data is matched with signal phase data and analyzed in the cloud. A dashboard lets you access analysis and trends at any time. We provide design help, installation support and solution management.

Features & benefits

Intersection Safety Analytics helps communities quickly and cost-effectively support traffic safety initiatives. It collects, processes, analyzes and correlates behavioral data to provide insights on how to change dangerous road behaviors to help you  reduce fatalities and serious injuries.

  • Insightful. Create flexible reports with policies you can apply to each intersection
  • Flexible. Explore historical trends important to you and demonstrate safety achievements
  • Extendable. Use APIs to import data into other systems
  • Packaged. Get everything from pre-design to installation to maintenance in one place

Building smarter, more secure communities

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